Of Political Systems
Of Political Systems

Saturday • September 12th 2020 • 5:33:42 pm

Of Political Systems

Saturday • September 12th 2020 • 5:33:42 pm

A system of institutions is like a collection of computer programs,

where each program relies on the other for valid information.

Cities are powered by institutions, and when institutions go bad,

the entire city suffers; similar to how a computer will begin misbehaving.

The central processing unit of an institution, is people working within its walls,

it is a human powered computer, unlike machines, human based computers can self-repair.

A small and common example of a Human Powered computer is the modern Trash Truck,

the one that only has the driver operating that huge claw.

Another example is an unmanned aircraft,

whose operator is somewhere on the ground.

And a more down to the ground example is the modern supermarket Self-Checkout,

whenever the customer has a problem, the computer system will actually dispatch a human being for help.

Finally, the first known instance of a Human Powered Machine is the Turk,

it was a 1770 Chess Playing machine hoax, that had the operator hiding inside.

Here I bring attention to Failure, where the Education System,

is no longer operating, and thus causing stress, depression, poverty and desperation.

On the scale of a city when Education fails, it will cause an increase in crime,

and a city will begin filling its jails with those who were pushed to a breaking point out of desperation.

When institutions of a system such as a city begin failing,

all institutions are negatively affected.

Therefore it is in the best interest of all institutions to ensure integrity across the city,

and when that equilibrium can no longer be reached others, need to be artificially powered down.

For example we can't fail students and then start sending them to jail,

we have to scale the Justice System in proportion to how well the schools an other related systems are operating.

And wait for all to reach a healthy equilibrium.

We cannot perform business as usual, on one end, when the other is broken,

that can only further destabilize the system and cause even more damage.

The institutions of a city must not isolate themselves from reality,

the reason why we are not replacing Human Powered Institutions with Mere Machines, is Heart.

The Heart,

and Love for the citizen.

For a city to be called a city, and not a heartless machine for forcing human beings into desperation,

the poor, uneducated, ill, and homeless, must come first, they must be granted safe homes, medical care, and welfare.

A city must be judged by what happens to the least fortunate,

way out on the borders that most tend to look away from.

Then; we must practice Crime Prevention by means of a Functional Real Education Systems,

that use the city's funds to help its students out of poverty by helping them to operate small businesses,

as a way of investing into its own not so distant future.

In a city without of balance,

"the best we can" may often become "the worst we've had."

We must practice preferential treatment for the disadvantaged,

for the uneducated, for those in dire need, and for the ill.

Let us call this:

Love Above Law,

The Future, and Future Generation demand,

that the Justice System learns to see,

because it is not meant to be a blind machine.

It was never about business as usual,

because time, never, stood still.