Do Not Be Small And Useful
Do Not Be Small And Useful

Tuesday • September 5th 2023 • 11:01:31 pm

Do Not Be Small And Useful

Tuesday • September 5th 2023 • 11:01:31 pm

The great beings who have something of value to say, want you to rise higher, by helping you start where they leave off.

Nobody in their right mind wants you to be a follower, they want you to make the world better and wiser.

That means all the adults today fell short, or got stuck infinite loops like overwork or regrets.

A teacher cannot beat a world famous author, held in high regard by all the world’s intellectuals.

Their lectures are never going to be better, than the works of great beings.

School must be second to your self education, the first and foremost are the narrated books at the library.

A book written by a clear thinking being, hoping to share a lifetime of wisdom, will spare you trouble.

It will give you foresight, the would otherwise require a lifetime of meandering through life.

A book is for your mind, like oxygen is for your brain.

Your decision making mechanism relies, on what you know.

And early on, your greatest source of knowledge, is books, narrated books.

You have to read enough books to understand, that to grow up, means to grow all the way up, until you become a great being.

You will need far more knowledge than any school can offer, and it has to be intricately connected.

You have to learn in your own sequence, and at your own pace, rest when you need to, circle around as needed.

Your books and knowledge will sooner than later bloom into wisdom, especially as you begin inheriting the culture of the great beings that wrote your books.

Wisdom, is like an operating system upgrade.

It is the art of solving problems you never faced before, by subtle analogy to what resided in the content of your character.

The elder you needs you to make your own way, towards great wisdom, and as soon as possible.

Ge to the library, and begin with real adventure books, avoid fiction, search for real lessons, from real people.

Make your self education first and foremost, it is just narrated books, and hiking adventures that help you hear them.

In your wisdom, you’ll know where to go from there.