Avoid Standardized Education
Avoid Standardized Education

Monday • October 2nd 2023 • 11:25:11 pm

Avoid Standardized Education

Monday • October 2nd 2023 • 11:25:11 pm

Once adults come up with an idea that makes them money, they will never give it up, no matter how stupid it is.

Such is the case with Standardized Education, an idea so dumb, even the name sounds stupid.

The “Standardized” in Standardized Education, is actually an insult, and signifies the hope of destruction of your creativity.

It is not that education has been standardized, that is impossible.

Is that standardized education produces standardized, students, workers, tuition and student loan takers.

But even that is a failure, as all it is doing today, id forcing everyone to pretend.

Teachers pretend to teach for a paycheck, and students pretend to learn for a GPA to get to the paycheck.

It is like a church, where so as long as everyone agrees to participate, there will be some benefits to go around.

What is unsaid about Standardized Education, is that it produces predictable results.

A crop of leaders, soldiers, workers, and a whole lot of wage slaves, who frankly will do everything else.

It is very important that we recognize that every human being, is perfectly capable of great creativity and brilliance.

We are all genius level smart, and when raised in the right culture...

Our aim is just to become a great being, both with wisdom and knowledge.

Standardized education collapses or brilliance, our uniqueness, it muddies up our path forward.

It actually interrupts our, real education.

The word Education, in Standardized education, is a weasel word.

Similar to how a criminal organization, could call it self The Really Honest People.

There will never be a strong definition with solid proof of fraud, because of how many people benefit from it.

Everyone between the Lawnmower-men and Lunch Ladies, to the Principal, School Board and Politicians…

Gets a different piece, from a slightly different perspective.

The only proof of the fraud is the result, this kind of education id overwhelmingly ineffective.

And you only need to look at the price of text books, or the fact that college loans are permanent and not forgivable by bankruptcy…

That they will be ripped out of a person’s paycheck, well into their 60s or beyond, and by judges order.

Teachers just get hired, teach, keep their grading average, and take a paycheck home, they can’t get fired, and you will graduate.

Now, you shouldn't care too much how valid this assessment is, or thy to gig up evidence, or worst yet, try to fix it.

You need to focus on the results that your classes fail to deliver, you need real and relevant results, after every learning period.

You have no time to fix school when you are young, you can build a computerized self paced and directed system as an adult.

This is where, another strange revelation that lacks all evidence emerges, learning programming right after reading, writing and arithmetic…

Is critical for mastery of complex, more abstract subjects. Programming is like a microscope that can zoom into anything that interest you.

You can build games, but also simulations, visualizations, and perhaps most importantly tools.

Tools to run tests, extract data, spider the web, tolls to make better tools, tools to make new tools.

Programming enhances education so much, because it can put the student in context of what they are studying.

Learning since cosine, now becomes a wonderfully animated adventure, mastery of orbital dynamics becomes a colorful game.

Studying genetics, becomes a simulation, or a set of tools, to code text into DNA, extract it, decode it, and love doing so.

Even if textbooks were honestly trying, they couldn't reach that level, of engagement, of submergence, of fascination.

And that is only half the reason why programming is so unusually powerful, in context of real education.

Because by learning programming, and practicing via various challenges, the student gains the ability to launch side-projects or tiny companies.

This is enough of a promise of financial independence, that the students stop being scared of poverty.

Unlike fake education, learning programming gives the students tools, to build their future, to consider becoming an entrepreneur.

To go around the fraud and insult of standardized education, all you have to do, is begin learning programming.

All it takes is typing “JavaScript Tutorial”, or “Svelte Tutorial”, into your search engine, and if you get stuck on something.

You just say whatever it is followed by the word tutorial, “JavaScript or Node.js File-system Tutorial”, and the internet will provide.

This also happens to be an opportunity to reinvent education, to study how real schools should help the students learn.