Saturday • December 26th 2020 • 10:25:55 pm


Saturday • December 26th 2020 • 10:25:55 pm

It is not always necessary to accurately map the affairs of the World.

sometimes all you need is a vision of a better one.

The world is difficult to grasp because people in authority,

have interests that differ from, the people that vote on them.

Furthermore, low quality schools,

will prevent the voter from making correct choices.

The uneducated or misled majority,

will always be incorrect.

This is why independent, self education,

be it in addition or as a replacement of the national one is a wise idea.

Independent education is one that is paved with curiosities,

and helped along with top-selling non fiction, including narrated books.

Majority of world's top selling books

are written by well educated and well meaning authors.

Lack of education breeds desperation,

not only will the voters be confused, but the politicians won't understand them either.

A world where leaders place their needs above the people they swore to represent,

and do the bare minimum for maximum personal gains, is a world that needs vision.

On the other hand, a well educated, knowledgeable and wise voting majority,

isn't one to get confused, or become mislead, easily.

A vision is always something that most of humanity has already agreed on,

though they might have forgotten parts here and there, or worded them differently.

For example:

Climate Stabilization

Human Dignity

World Peace

Universal Human Rights

World Disarmament

Functional Education

End Of Poverty All Around The World

Universal Basic Income

World Unity


Authenticity, and Truth.

As we progress from well-read, to knowledgeable, to wise, and onward to our greatness,

we will collect and hold in our hearts many such Hopes and Dreams.

At first they may seem like words or beautiful ideas,

but as we look into Memoirs, and beloved and honored works of great story tellers, they will become more.

With a few dozen books a concept that has been lost on leaders of humanity,

will come to life in our hearts.

Rather than trying to flawlessly comprehend the world,

which may not be possible due to too many liars who by definition lack in vision, and are merely responding to stimuli for maximum self gain.

We gain the ability hold up several of our most beloved Aims, Hopes and Dreams,

and ask what are the leaders doing to fulfill them.

It is much easier to look at a leader's sum of history,

and notice that they have never done anything meaningful for World Peace and Elimination of Poverty, than to await their promises to come true.

We can then ask, if we want to vote on people who do not recognize World Peace and Elimination of Poverty as an aim,

and what those people must be like.

More importantly, holding a meaningful vision helps us grow up stronger and faster,

helps us focus our energies and curiosities on things that we become passionate about.

When a wise voting majority becomes passionate about Human Dignity,

the strength that arises from Unity of Vision can easily repair World's Nations and help Humanity Grow.

Without a wise consensus things that are concurring around the world are probably mostly random,

with elections won by those who spend most money on taking on a pleasing shape, and disasters being a predictable result of corruption and shortsightedness.

It is hard to blame leaders and voters for something as disabling as lack of education,

people who lack knowledge pave their ways with their best intentions, alas Humanity's most beloved works of non-fiction must come first, lest we continue repeating the same old mistakes.

There is nothing difficult

about falling in love with Good Ideas,

When we take to Adventures and Books, and a new book surprises us with a like selection of Hopes and Dreams,

we can only discover how connected we all really are, that we are in fact one big family.

What are your Hopes and Dreams?

What is your Vision of The Future Of Humanity?