The Betrayal Of Subject Divisions, And Why Real Education Is Replaced With Memorization
The Betrayal Of Subject Divisions, And Why Real Education Is Replaced With Memorization

Monday • July 17th 2023 • 11:32:58 pm

The Betrayal Of Subject Divisions, And Why Real Education Is Replaced With Memorization

Monday • July 17th 2023 • 11:32:58 pm

Most classes do not exist for the purpose of education, they are created to look like education for the purpose of extracting a paycheck.

That there exists a field of Biology or Astrophysics, does not mean that such a class should exist in school.

These fields should be touched upon by many beautifully fascinating lectures, which would paint an enormous and well contextualized picture from many perspectives.

But should never be targeted directly, because separated from what makes those subject beautiful, they will push students away, by being colorless, and boring, and mechanical.

Teachers are mimicking the appearance of a teacher, but they are not enhancing your minds.

They are coercing you into cramming and memorization, so that they can keep the classroom GPA average and continue getting paid.

Those are pretenders, liars, people with warped ideas of reality, be aware that pretending to teach, is just one of the things they do, be careful.

Because state testing borrows heavily from what students can pass, it will be poisoned by classes that largely expect memorization only.

State testing does not grant a class any legitimacy, as it will be rooted in illegitimate classes, fake education.

I would say all of your classes are fake, that is what is really keeping you in doubt.

You’ve never had a real lecture, a semester has never granted you any superpowers.

You have no reference to what a real classroom is like, you are stuck in a fake school, it is not a diploma mill, it is a paycheck mill.

There will we some anomalies that you may notice, in my school there was a semipermanent art exhibit.

And someone used color markers so well, to paint a scenery or a portrait, that it showed we were all brilliant.

Except this person had the tools to project or transport the sketch, and the markers to get the colors just right.

This class didn’t exist in that school, that person, was the first.

You may also notice, unfinished things, like why should you bother learning how to create a collage.

When they all come out ugly, like lipstick on a pig.

Well, a collage is the underpainting, to a work of art, it helps you arrange a scene, the faces, expressions.

You use eyes from one magazine and a mouth from another, and it looks stupid, until you trace it, you see.

A collage is just layout reference, for a serious work of art, but teachers, don’t care enough to know that.

They will call the collage a work of art, and it is not, not yet, not when you are still on your way to drawing realistic faces.

You get a similar feeling from trigonometry, the lessons just dangle in the air, disconnected.

That one if for your job, someone said they should all know trig, to get hired – but teachers present a perversion of education.

There are two kinds of real classes, that will help you spot the fake ones.

The first is where the fakers get their ideas form, but they as they may, especially the hip teachers, they are boxed in by subject divisions.

Again lipstick on a pig, to teach Mathematics for real, you have to exit the field of mathematics, and find a fun reason for it.

But even the hippest of your teachers, can’t exit the field of mathematics, or the class wide GPA will take a dive as you fail the cookie cutter tests.

But again mathematics is a field of study, it cannot be a subject. You can learn robotics, 3D designs, generative art, but you can’t learn math.

Temporary memorizing just the formulas, is a trick, it looks great on state tests and entrance exams, but a formula void of context and its history, is useless.

A real class is about entertaining your curiosity, it poses a question so fascinating, that you will be exposed to many different fields.

And then you will be pulled into one of them, it would seem funny to you, to go elsewhere.

Your curiosities are entertained, and you are self directing, to the next thing you will find interesting.

So, a real class is about some big and very intersting question, and covers many fields.

It is not a subject, it is like reading a beautiful book, and as you are enriched at the end, you want more of whatever it is that called out to you.

So a real school, would have a crazy and interesting question over the door, present t set of integrated lectures that span many fields.

And have follow up classes, ready for all the different areas that students want to explore next.

This will require computers, narrated books, video lectures, and tutors, I think it will require a teachers, an inspirational speaker.

But some schools may do away with teachers, and just present tutors, assistants, and graduates guide the students.

And example of a real class is learning programming, in a useful, broadly used language, with a bright, open source future.

In contrast to your math class, programming thing enables you to code an app, or browser extensions, or web applications with monthly subscriptions.

Your math class, is like learning multiple things from different places, all at once, without any specific aim, or reason, it is all gibbers.

Your math class is like learning about loops from multiple programming languages, all at the same time.

And when the class is over, you know about loops, but you wouldn't know where to put them, this is the point where you are tricked into inventing cramming.

You temporally memorize all the things about the stupid loops, to pass the test, and you will remember some crap for the next test as well.

But just the loops and some other stuff from multiple languages, can’t be integrated together to create an app.

You pass programming, but you are not a programmer.

This is on purpose, this is the fraud.

Memorizing all the cherry picked disconnected crap is hard, so it feels like you are doing work, like you could put in more effort.

But actually, the reason why you are forced into disconnected crap, is because memorization is predictable, measurable.

No one, at least not yet, will accuse the teacher of fraud, they have numbers to show, grades over time, all the tests, singed and delivered.

They have proof of work, they did what the principal and the board expected, and the state testing looks great.

Everything is perfect, except for one thing.

Memorization, is not education.