Philosophy Is For You
Philosophy Is For You

Sunday • September 24th 2023 • 11:00:04 pm

Philosophy Is For You

Sunday • September 24th 2023 • 11:00:04 pm

Philosophy is for you, to resume where great beings leave off.

Do not wait, do not delay, take to philosophy today.

It has been created to teach, and help you avoid simple mistakes.

You'll be able to look, past the trickery of every crook.

It will help you see, through the leader's confabulation.

It will help you see, where you need to be.

Philosophy upgrades your operating system, your decision making and foresight.

It will help you to entwine, with whatever helps your mind shine.

Philosophy is the first and foremost, without it, everything is lost.

With it, you begin where the greats left off.

The world should not be standing still, and Earth must not fall ill.

Out collective vision cannot clouded, we have to move towards peace and wisdom.

Without philosophy you won't know, where to go.

Our progress will be erased, and we will endlessly repeat mistakes.

There is no time to stand, there is no time to pretend.

Life is precious, and we should start equal.

Love of wisdom is light, it will help us set things right.

Don't let schools stain wisdom, philosophers wrote to you.

They cared not for school, they didn't want to be a tool.

They wanted to grow, all the way up.

Take to the great adventure trails, where your mind grows and never pales.

Let adventure make room in your mind, let it make you hungry for wisdom.

Let narrated books help your knowledge thrive. and make all the old philosophers return back to life.