Informed Decision-Making
Informed Decision-Making

Sunday • December 20th 2020 • 10:08:33 pm

Informed Decision-Making

Sunday • December 20th 2020 • 10:08:33 pm

Knowledge has an enormous impact on decision making,

if you don't know enough you maybe taken advantage of.

You gain knowledge by means of authentic education,

an education that has maximum impact on your existence.

Memorization or cramming is not an authentic education,

it is not any kind of education.

You don't want to rely on a doctor that memorized everything in school,

professionals must look things up to keep up with changes.

Memorization is only good for two things,

passing tests, and getting you ready for a factory job on an assembly line.

And on the other end, tests are for teachers to keep their jobs,

and principals to keep getting funding.

You have to make sure that you are not getting sold for a money,

that you are not being used to sustain an outdated industry.

And above all, do not let them trick you into thinking yo are not smart,

we are all extremely smart, we are all, without exception extremely good at learning for real.

The problem is with schools, they are trying to use a single teacher,

to teach anywhere between 30 and 300 students.

There is no way that a teacher can handle that,

so they will make up tests so that majority passes and damn the rest.

Memorization is just a temporary circus trick,

make sure you are learning meaningful things that have lasting impact.

Real education will multiply you,

fake education will make a fool out of you.

Decision-making is one of the most important things in life,

we need Real Education, Real Knowledge to help us make correct decisions in life.

Many of the decisions we make early on,

have long term impact that continues for decades in not for life.

It also matters that we grow up in an authentic culture,

if we are surrounded by lairs that too will contribute to push us off the path we want to be on.

You must ask if perhaps the school industry is using outdated teaching methods

that barely worked during industrial revolution, to keep getting government money.

Every student in every country,

from middle school to university must to check if they are really learning for real.

Real education is one that enriches a person with Knowledge gained in previous generations,

real education provides many lifetimes of knowledge in a beautifully arranged bouquet.

In turn, that Knowledge grows in you as its components become your own building blocks,

and help you to become Strong, Happy, Wise, Beautiful,

and eventually help you become a Great Being, one who makes lasting contributions to Human Kind.

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