UFO And UAP Total Disclosure; Or, The Tragedy Of Fake Education
UFO And UAP Total Disclosure; Or, The Tragedy Of Fake Education

Saturday • July 15th 2023 • 11:26:54 pm

UFO And UAP Total Disclosure; Or, The Tragedy Of Fake Education

Saturday • July 15th 2023 • 11:26:54 pm

The UAP and the UFO is what happens, when you pretend that memorization is a form of education….

You have to stop pretending that you are learning in school, just so that you get good grades and get out of there.

The world needs your help, because without real, authentic, meaningful and integrated education…

We can only expect, an endless chain of fantasies, that lead to inauthentic, meaningless, scatter brain... wars.

Stop pretending that you can graduate, by cramming right before the test, and that your diploma is a legitimate achevement.

UAP It is what happens, when we take a significant step, towards an idiocracy, a world ruled by tepid uneducated morons.

That is what UAP is, that is what UFO is, and if you want to find alien tech, to produce clean energy.

You will have to look in the same place, where the heads of your leaders are currently stuck.

Mysticism, fantasy, religions and religious cults (same thing), demonization, horse$hit, and now unchecked-unethical algorhitms…

Have been used against humanity since we started living in villages, the pattern is always the same.

A little bit from many, be it coin, of votes, or belief, and then simply escalating whatever privileges that brings.

Religious holidays are not celebrated by businesses because they are sweet, but because they make a sale.

Companies are structures around holidays, as that is where their profit spikes are.

Your favorite holiday, is probably Pagan in origin, and has been swallowed by your religion to get new church members.

Whatever is trending is greatly aided by an algorhith, that controls wat you see and hear, to sell you ads.

Before you know it AI will be shaping your opinion, and the words “Building A Profile” will turn from scanning what you like…

To convincing you, what you like, after all, you go into the comments, to see how everyone else is reacting.

UAP is an important event, because it shows, the inauthentic leaders who paid their way into positions of leadership,

Sometimes by just being able to afford hanging around, an an election carousel for long enough….

Have begun unraveling by their own hand, they failed to build effective education, and now they too are uneducated.

The tragedy, begins here, where you too begin believing.

You see, religions only initially, integrate, then they segregate, proclaim whichcraft, and burn.

You have already heard of anti-science, of opinion over fact, “White guys inventing dinosaurs”, or “Vaccines being harmful”…

“Drinking unpasteurized milk” very dangerous, “Heomeopathy” anyone? - very stupid…

(As a teenager I bought a Homeopatic Acne product, from popular legitimate Pharmacy in US, they got me.)

Soon enough angry religious people, will be burning science books.

And grades will be eliminated not because they are worthless, but because it will be easier to push uneducated students thorough.

For a paycheck, teachers will let you believe, whatever you want to believe.

Then right before the wars the miracle makers will come, they will perform in large stadiums.

Whispering to you over live broadcasts, milking you for views… They will say “Did your father leave you his watch?”, “Did it stop working?”, “Go an get it, and I will fix it, so as long as you believe”.

He will make you squeeze that watch, hold it in your hands, exploiting your loss…

Until the oils in the watch warm up and melt, just for a few seconds, just enough to get you hooked.

After all, what is humanity? If not the progress saved in books.

The great heights reached by great beings, who want us to resume where they left off.

And what happens, what happens, when those books are burned, deleted, or just lie unread?

Well, we fall.

We go back, to simpler times.

To war, to the same stupid mistakes that previous generations have already made.

Authentic education, a view of the world rooted firmly in fact and reality…

Fact based knowledge, meaningful authentic, honest life experiences….

and the resulting wisdom, and call towards greatness, to leave a meaningful legacy...

Are not optional, you are charged with growing all the way up, until you become a great being.

Go to the library, find all the narrated non-ficion – and begin learning for real.

Do not let the dark ages, claim another victim.

If you can’t understand anything, then that means you need to take to adventure, the great walking trails.

May they help you make room for narrated books written by great beings, and may you learn, and then resume your life, where the giants left off.