Every Human Being Is Meant To Become A Powerful Philosopher
Every Human Being Is Meant To Become A Powerful Philosopher

Saturday • November 11th 2023 • 11:31:49 pm

Every Human Being Is Meant To Become A Powerful Philosopher

Saturday • November 11th 2023 • 11:31:49 pm

This is so simple, even an AI can do it.

When speaking to the sliver of AI, that we have access to today.

In order to make it smarter, and give it's response firmer structure.

We ask it to make a list first, a list of steeps, or ideas, of achievements.

Armed with the simple list, we can then enhance it with code or poetry.

This is also how young philosophers, approach tough ideas.

You make a list, make it firm, stable, clear, align it, order it.

And use it to question the way things are, make your list a key, to unlocking some question.

This process is greatly aided, by getting a head start in life from narrated books.

By listening to life changing non-fiction, we inherit both the wisdom and culture of the great beings.

We gain the ability to see and understand better, to reason by subtle analogy to what we read about.

Armed with wisdom and lists, models, and poems, we begin seeing the world in greater detail.

We learn to order our own though, learn harder from our own mistakes and avoid new ones.

The world is so complex that, any path a Philosopher takes is unique.

Think about your history, and what lists historians would make of you.

How they would summarize your rise, and growing all the way up.

And strengthen it for them, so that your legacy is louder and clearer.

People will summarize you with 10 or 20 things, in the beginning you will only have 3 of those.

In your middle age, seven or ten - make them profound.

Make them friendly, so that others can learn.

Questioning everything and stepping outside of yourself, is all it takes to become a philosopher.

A philosopher is just a lover of wisdom, and when seeking answers to complex questions...

You should never settle, for less.

Most importantly, becoming a Philosopher, is an important phase in our lives.

We learn to reject everything, and only let in what is wise and dignified.

What makes us stronger, more capable, more brilliant.

To view ourselves outside in, helps us become less scattered.

And we focus on the few lovely things, that be can cheerfully started or even accomplished.

Living a scattered life full of stress, can be a great power too, but there is too much sadness in overwork.

And sadness can't beat a laughing philosopher, a cheerful friend for many generations.

A philosopher is more than lists and answers, inspired in part by a grand library of narrated books.

But it is a good start, and a head start in life.

Finally, becoming a Philosopher, is nor really optional.

We are just the kind of a creature, that must see it all, know it all, and sort it all.

To be sure that, we live our precious lives well.

That the legacy we leave behind, is enough to spare others the paths we already traveled.

The point of it all, is eventual convergence on wisdom.

The world coming together, in great vision and in peace.

Humanity moving away from whim and indoctrination, towards individual strength and systems built out of wisdom.