The New Bodybuilder
The New Bodybuilder

Sunday • May 19th 2024 • 12:18:30 am

The New Bodybuilder

Sunday • May 19th 2024 • 12:18:30 am

Bodybuilding should be a major priority in our lives, because it will keep us away from unhealthy lifestyles.

We live in a culture of unhealthy lifestyles, it takes a clear and visible aim to overcome it.

Long before noticing you new shape, you will begin feeling healthier and more flexible.

Before long reaching a point, that even you teenage self never crossed.

Being able to out-lift and outrun, the mighty teenager, is an incredible achievement.

Beating the snot out of your younger self, in terms of flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Means that your body became young again, and we all have this power within us.

We have the ability to de-age ourselves, and then to slow down our aging…

As we remain, fit and bouncy.

It gets even more interesting, where obese people who feel old, are concerned.

Because the moment, the begin their daily workouts.

Their fat gives them an incredible advantage.

It not only builds their muscle, by weighing them down every moment of the day.

Something that fits better than a weight vest, and wrist and ankle weights.

But also provides them with energy, and possibly the perfect source of nutrition.

As they become younger, and younger.

When I was beginning my workouts, I was stopped by a large man.

Who asked me, “How are you doing this?”

You have to quit your job, I replied.

He obviously replied, “I can’t do that.“

But it was his job that was killing him.

He just couldn't center himself, in what seemed to be a rodeo.

I am a programmer, and I had to er-learn programming.

Under the tiredness, brought on initial bodybuilding.

Where it is a kind of a race, to get into the fit zone.

So, a large change is required, but it is not an inconvenience.

This is the act of coming into balance, with out health requirements.

As a bodybuilder, you can forget speed-running life.

Life will slow down, and so will you.

And the act of bodybuilding, is a balancing act as well.

Lifting heavy, is a trick, it will only give you a little bit, at first.

Then you fall into the, plateau trap.

Because lifting heavy means, that you can’t finish your exercise.

There are multiple shutdowns that you have to route around.

The major one, seems to be related to circulation.

It is a kind of a choke, if you stop a couple of lift early.

Switch to different muscle group, for 15 seconds.

You can continue lifting, and that choke is reset.

Now, with heavy weights, it will be only couple more lifts.

But with lower weights, it could mean, another 5 minutes without pause.

Sneaking past the apparent circulation choke and going under pain radar and energy exhaustion.

So lifting heavy, prevents bodybuilding, by stopping the exercise.

Easy assumption to make, and quite a mistake. in deed.

Finally, I will leave you with a hint, on how to do it right.

You can’t just start bodybuilding, no one has that ability.

You must first build up an hour’s worth, of lifting endurance.

And that is done exactly, the way joggers do it.

They rest less and less, run more and more.

With the clear aim, of running through their entire route non-stop.

We can say, that until the day, that they run their full route non-stop.

They are just training, not jogging yet.

And that is the case, in bodybuilding.

Until you can lift 3 or 5 pounds, for an hour non stop.

It is just training, it is not bodybuilding yet.

Though, you will be transforming, with clear weekly results.

To do anything boring for an hour, you need music to help you focus.

More precisely, you need to lift, o the beat of music.

And surprise, surprise, that can only mean dumbbells.

You can’t isolate on a machine, you can’t lay down, to dance.

Dumbbells allow you to work different muscle groups…

Without putting them down, you can lift to the side, above, in front and do biceps.

And get this, you must not count, and you can’t look a you watch.

As that will ruin, your dance trance.

So you need an interval timer, there ae open source and free apps.

And you can get a clip on, and you must use the vibrate function.

The machine must ell you, when to go when to stop.

So you can just focus, on music.

Depending on your body type, you may eventually need.

A four hour workout, five days a week.

Probably fo less than a year, but maybe two, or three.

And there is tick, to configuring your interval timer.

Which is just two countdown timers, one for work one for rest.

That you configure to repeat, for some number of rounds.

So ten rounds of a minute long workout, and two minutes of rest…

Give you a pretty mighty, 30 minute workout.

You must start at the beginning, with 3 or 5 pound dumbbells.

And simply answer, how long can you lift them for.

And how much rest do you need to do it again, for about 10 rounds.

And then as time goes on, you need to start shortening your rest period.

Just like joggers do it, maybe add more rounds as well.

And again, the real bodybuilding begins, only after you can lift 5 pounds for an hour non stop.

To reasonably paced songs, you must always make sure to hit every beat.

No sets, no reps, just dancing with dumbbells.

Until you reshape yourself, and frankly, look a little bit… too much.

Though, in a good way.

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