How Parasites Ate School; And On Hiking, Camping And Listening To Great Books
How Parasites Ate School; And On Hiking, Camping And Listening To Great Books

Thursday • September 14th 2023 • 10:12:29 pm

How Parasites Ate School; And On Hiking, Camping And Listening To Great Books

Thursday • September 14th 2023 • 10:12:29 pm

At any point in life, hiking and Camping, and later waking the great trails, Appalachian, Pacific Crest, or Continental Divide…

Will pull you out of stress, overwork; or bullies and punishment even, any of which will actually prevent meaningful education from taking place.

The stress of failing in school, the carrot and stick of GPA, and bullies, be they teachers or fractured students, also put an end to learning.

The ineffective schools of today, will only sell you an impression of education.

And it will take a long time for you to catch on, sometimes it takes decades to see how schools were just forcing you to pretend.

Stress is a large part of the overall reason why schools are not working, organized education was actually a perfect brew, that called out to liars.

Any and all of humanity’s great achievements, must be designed ground up, to resist corruption, that was not the case with schools.

The students were practically begging to graduate, out of discomfort ineffective education caused.

Making lectures irrelevant to student’s personal curiosities, dividing knowledge into disconnected subjects…

Combines with the sick idea of timed learning persiods. Among several other massively toxic mistakes…

Will make students, desperate and scared.

It will force them to prefer to memorize and graduate, rather than comprehend and educate for real.

The state tests that validate schools, and keep the sweet state funding coming...

See no difference between memorized knowledge, and actual comprehension, active and functional knowledge, and wisdom.

All that teachers have to do to trick you into memorization, is make their curricula incomprehensible and threaten you with failure.

All the while saying, please do not just memorize, they develop a compulsion to throw that into the fray.

And chuck in “my job is hard“ for good measure, but you can see exactly what their job is - pretending to educate.

It will be hard for you to see the overall fraud, because you believe in adults, that they work hard.

They don’t, they take every shortcut they can get away with, you can see that in politics or investing, where that is usually bough to light.

It is not illegal for politician to lie about their camping promises, and they don’t just lie, they engineer lies that let them voters.

And to give two examples of recent headlines, from just this week.

One executive asking if curing disease is a good business strategy, and another said that creating unemployment is a way of teaching…

Than an employee is not a gift to the company, but that the job is a gift that the employee should learn to appreciate.

And yes, this is quite mad, a lot of these ghouls are driven by anti-depressants, that long ago turned off their compassion and empty.

But bat crazy or not, they are firmly set in leadership positions, and will stop at nothing to maximize their profits.

These types of adults are considered to be exceptionally successful and lucky, most adult dream about those positions, as they bring in tens of millions a year.

Really, to say that schools were a perfect brew for parasites to take over, and make students pretend to learn, so that all parasites get paid - is an understatement.

Once you have liars infiltrating a system based on trust, it is not possible to remove them, at all, ever.

For one, they will be showing family members and friends, how to fake it until they make it, how to sharpen their teeth for a nice lamprey bite.

And in other cases creating family owned businesses, like cooking and grass cutting.

Where funds are optimized to flow in one direction, under the guise of “we’re doing a great job”, we’re healing our community.

We have nothing to do with the ineffective education, because we just cut the grass, and make the meatloaf.

When schools stop being about effective education, and the business networks around them grow, it is an infection, not progress.

And in fact entire new economies, rise around corruption of education.

Unforgivable by bankruptcy college loans, that must be extracted by force from a students paycheck, as ordered by a Judge.

And fraudulently expensive text books, some of which are written, by the so called professor that teaches the very class.

And to add face punch to injury, they are sometimes comically sold in a “convenient” loose leaf form.

And brand name universities, that simply prove that education is not really the same for all.

Are just the visible examples, stuff you cant see, like tolerance of drugs, that improve the school’s collective score…

And mind shattering and incredible harm, is simply kept invisible.

It is a corrupt system of layers, and nested boxes, staffed with parasites.

The occasional good teacher often labeled as excentric to break her , isn’t – at lest at first - aware of what they got themselves into.

They just wanted a job because they enjoyed what they thought was learning, and they wanted to teach, but schools are not for real teachers.

You can’t repair this, and you certainly cannot wait for a real education to come your way, because all the decision you make are based on how much you know.

Which is to say, the longer you wait, the more errors you will inject into your lifeline, your mind will always interpret them as mistakes you yourself made.

And it was actually fake education robbing you of authentic knowledge, that put you against alcohol and drugs, or bullies and maybe military service.

Real education is about preparing you for life, helping you refine your decision making, and become enlightened.

Fake education takes away your brilliance and natural curiosity, to replace it with memorization, pretending, and the carrot and stick of GPA and graduation.

It does not just cause a delay in your education, it takes it, away.

Go ahead, ask your parents to explain about the Mitochondria being the powerhouse of the cell, let them show you their math skills…

I am sorry, we are vulnerable to indoctrination, and this has been exploited fo thousands of years.

Which is why, you need to get your parents, and walk the trails, with narrated books in your ears.

Books created by clear thinking intellectuals who achieved, not because they were lucky…

But because they wouldn't let anything stain them, let them teach you about restraint, dignity, nobility, unbreakability…

Fortitude, courage, honor, love; and insight; and foresight; and understanding; and authenticity; and heroism; and so much more.

All the while walking the great trails with your family, already creating a legacy, a place, where you will forever feel at home at.

When your parents find out how long the trails are, tell them, it is part of having babies, it never gets easier.

Especially now, that you know how urgent your real education is, and that they are slowly realizing… that it was probably a bad idea...

To just think of school as convenient babysitter, that will at the very least teach you how to socialize…

And if they’re lucky get you shipped out of the basement, straight to college, debt, and your won damn problems.

Now go, take your parents shopping, you will need nifty backpacks, three season tents, and sleeping backs, and gnarly Bowie knives.

You will need tick spray, bug spray, hair spray, bear spray, and pepper spray, just in case dad wants to stay on the couch.

Where you are headed three is nether overwork, nor couch nor TV, and in the quest of wisdom, you won’t just discover knowledge.

But youth, health, endurance, joy, a life so long and so filled with unforgettable memories.

That your will have no trouble discovering that to learn, means to grow up… to grow all the way up, until become a great being.

Whose positive and lasting contributions, will pave a trail of adventure, that will help countless others rise just the same.