Considerations For Artificial Intelligence Driven Art Product Creation
Considerations For Artificial Intelligence Driven Art Product Creation

Sunday • February 19th 2023 • 10:51:09 pm

Considerations For Artificial Intelligence Driven Art Product Creation

Sunday • February 19th 2023 • 10:51:09 pm

The point is to create an online store, with one of the large marketplaces that take 50% of your sale.

Know that they will ask you to advertise your product, and by extension bring customers to their platform.

One advanced step for later, is a custom website that you have control over.

Here only when a customer wants to by one of your artworks… you present them with several on-line stores, where that product is located.

This way you are paying for traffic to your own website first, and only part with the customer when they are ready to make a purchase.

But that is a more advanced step, for later, but you need to be aware of it ahead of time.

Once you practice with an artificial art generator, which you should start doing by locating prompt databases and generators.

You have to focus on one kind of art, you want your store to look consistent.

Don’t mix different art styles, at-least not in the same store.

Personally, I chose chibil kawaii lowbrow pop surrealism bobble heads, my first store specializes in art that makes customers worry.

Make no mistake, focusing in a singe art style is important, because you will need to match an up-scaler to your art.

Some upscalers work with photos or realism only, or anime and cartoons, some work well with digital art that feels painted.

If you can afford a really expensive computer, then you can use an open source program, if not, then you need to start searching for an online service, that will work with your style of art.

With multiple styles you will need multiple services, and things will get costly and mixed up.

Personally, I used a non AI based upscaler at first, it almost wokred OK, but AI based upsclaers don’t just sharpen and resize, they inject new content.

In one of my tests, a blurry painting received an injection of painted hair, hair that matched the overall digital painting.

On top of that you get perfect sharp lines, and I mean scary perfect, and in another tests, shoes of one of my characters received a colorful shine.

Please, find and use an AI based upsclaer, you can sell your art on a 40x40 inch canvas without fear that your customer will complain.

Or an enormous blanket that will have wonderful details, if you are moving beyond art prints.

Finally, you will need a story to go with you art, try to avoid poetry or songs, as stores may ignore carriage returns.

And squish your text in a single, long, wrapped line, and of course here you want to use AI, but leave text for last.

Because the one thing about product generation, is that like a box of chocolates, it is non-deterministic, you never know what the art generator will create.

At this time, AI does not do very well with hands, don’t try to fix hands, because that is too complex.

Don’t burn up your credits on trying to get a generation with good hands, avoid fingers, they’ll fix it eventually.

For now, avoid full figures, and focus on faces and upper body, just focus on portraits.

You will need several stores, but once you start seeing a tiny passive income, it won’t feel like a chore.

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