Don't Become Your Teacher’s Punch Line; Or, Philosophy And The Urgency Of Authentic Education
Don't Become Your Teacher’s Punch Line; Or, Philosophy And The Urgency Of Authentic Education

Saturday • December 16th 2023 • 11:25:06 pm

Don't Become Your Teacher’s Punch Line; Or, Philosophy And The Urgency Of Authentic Education

Saturday • December 16th 2023 • 11:25:06 pm

Your teacher will never become fully conscious of what they have done, they will forever be proud, to have taught for 50 years, and retired.

At most, if they think about it, they will be offended by the unimpressed.

Once the conversation about real education ends, you will find yourself alone.

With very real debt (if you fell for it), and only the real parts of your knowledge.

Only the real parts will ever work, the fake parts continue creating consequences.

The gaps in knowledge, forever weighing you down.

Above all, the feeling of I am just not smart enough, comes from being forced to learn in the wrong sequence.

And the disrespect, of you being forced to learn at a preset pace.

So that all the school staff gets paid, on time.

At the core, still lies the question, if it is something you like.

Everything will feel wrong if what you are trying to learn, is not something you are curious about.

Proper sequence, respectful pace, and your own curiosity are the key to learning far.

Grades, GPA, career, performance reports, HR, debt, investment, resume and your CV.

With newspaper clippings of columns that mention you by name, that you paid for, or had a friend write.

Are not part of real life, because to live is to grow in your mind.

And not advance in your career, you are better than that.

You are more capable than cookie cutter achievements, real life does not go by a script.

It is not bound by predictable things, it is a double pendulum, it is a kind of chaos.

Arguing for standardized education, and the profound knowledge that decades at a company earn you.

Puts you at odd with, anti-depressant animated dictators, that may just cause your country.

To send your grand-kids, to merely hold the front line, grand kids, by the millions.

Just to have the generals say they were wrong, for no using the most powerful weapons.

Career feels great, because it is safe and predictable, but you are not a child anymore.

You are charged with growing all the way up, until you become a great beings.

There are no meetings with HR here, no performance reports, no company trips.

Life is real, once with reality, no matter beliefs, brands, religions, cults, and indoctrination.

I am warning you, to avoid a situation, where you have no where to go.

With the question of how was I supposed to know, ringing in your ears.

Seeking comfort in a stable career, is fools gold, because you can’t just grow up part way.

A career is something you have to be in charge of, not management.

Go into the world of computers, become a programmer, an inventor, a creator, the artist of your own existence.

Dislike this all you want, but a fake education will leave your mind neutered.

And that is no way for a human being to exist, for a creature of cosmos to enjoy their short spark of existence.

Screw your career, your diplomas, and awards, your family want you to be a great being, boundless and inexhaustible.

There are 10,000 narrated books at your library, together they outline your intellectual inheritance.

They are the real school, the lives and wisdom, of real people, who at the very least searched for paths towards real lives.

Go get a backpack, find a three season tent, and before arguing for your career, get a real education.

By section hiking, or worse, the Triple Crown, of the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide Trails.

Everything you have been taught is wrong, it was a carefully manicured scrap of reality.

You are not to exhaust your life, spark by irreplaceable spark, of a make believe reality.

Make your way under the stars, and bring all the books of the most powerful philosophers to keep you safe.