Playing With Computers
Playing With Computers

Monday • June 5th 2023 • 11:18:45 pm

Playing With Computers

Monday • June 5th 2023 • 11:18:45 pm

I think one the greatest things computers are good for, is both learning programming, and creating computer programs.

Learning programming, teaches you everything you need to know about self education.

As a result no teacher will ever trick you, that there is something wrong with you.

They are copying grades from other classes, by the way, grades are not real, and text books are garbage.

You are not getting an education, you are being processed, so that the staff can get paid.

And school can keep its accreditation, everyone is in on it, because they know standardized education can’t work.

You need self directed, self paced, and at a speed that matches you.

And creating computer programs, will make you stop being scared of poverty.

Politicians ensure that the world stays poor, as that is the way it has always been.

A couple of generations of great beings could change that, no more fake schools, universal income, no war, no crime.

But a lot of our thinking must transform, the global culture needs an intellectual revolution.

Computer programming, plays into that rather well, it is very enabling, empowering, and always revolutionary.

Feelings like that translate, by subtle analogy, into real life, programmers just know that they have worth.

And while that is true for all of us, of course, not everyone feels that way.

Computer programming is a way of creating enormous things, that come to life, that extend or help us.

Other things that are like that is learning to Read and Write, and figuring out how numbers work, it all adds up you see.

Past a certain point, when lectures become more abstract, teachers get too creative, and their job becomes about taking, not giving.

As a fourth subject, programming wouldn't let teachers cheat you, because you could see that you aren’t learning for real, when the programs aren’t working.

And if they tried to make them abstract, you would surely protest, and ask “Why don’t we create apps and web browser plugins, not crap?”

That is something you can’t do in biology, chemistry, physics, or the astrology (not astronomy, another insult) class even.

You make a tiny app in school, and you try to sell it just for the kick, just to see what it feels like.

Here you could learn about biology, by creating apps in the field, or about music composition, or art, by creating useful tools.

That extra added tail end, is the difference between memorizing, and comprehending.

And it is not true, that programming is not for you, you’ve been tricked into thinking that.

You also got tricked that you are not an artist, and that you would never be able to compose music.

That is seriously scary stuff, because to become an artist, you need a wall projector, and a program like Krita.

That will help you manipulate colors to see the projection better, Krita can help you with digital art as well just set reference images tool to low opacity and lean by tracing.

Music composition is even easier, it is just layers of tried and tested instruments, that play in patters that are nice to the ear.

Using music theory, also easy, creates boring music, unfortunately, the final judge is the dancer at the gym.

If the song isn’t energy, it is not so good, music must evolve, it takes a lot from the past, but it must play by the new rules.

I recommend learning JavaScript, because I previously learned... C, Perl, PHP, ActionScript, Java, BASIC, Visual Basic, ASP, and couple of others.

And I don’t use them, and only JavaScript works on server, desktop and the browser, people will try to change that, but the bolted on languages will always limit you.

Just learn enough to have all the evidence you need, that you are creative, brilliant, and genius as a human can be.

Listen to all the life changing narrated books too, especially when you go hiking, something you should do often.

Let it all combine, to remind you that to grow up, mans to grow all the way up, there is no stopping part way.

The world needs your help, it needs your greatness.