The Future Of Internet, Is Self Hosted
The Future Of Internet, Is Self Hosted

Sunday • December 25th 2022 • 10:12:02 pm

The Future Of Internet, Is Self Hosted

Sunday • December 25th 2022 • 10:12:02 pm

The final version of the ad industry, will not be interested in retain you for life.

Only up until your breaking point, when you are replaced by new eyeballs.

This so called industry has a fear, they are scared of going too far, too fast.

And I think, the breaking point has already been reached, as people keep talking a bout RSS.

RSS is old technology, that goes out to the internet, to check for news, and reports it back to you.

It presents all the things, from all the different sources, very uniformly.

After all, all an article is, is some text with a title.

One of the benefits, that may not be obvious at first.

Is that if you never look at an article, it stays in your personal database, as unread.

Think of it as an email message, from the internet.

You can set an expiration date, or block the source, or filter it out.

Another benefit, at leas in a proper modern version of it.

Is you needing to consent to seeing ads, especially ads that are disguised as articles.

Aside from being blocked, and destroyed, in favor of presenting you with irrelevant ads.

And having AI process all your email, to create profiles probably as powerful as modern AI.

RSS like technologies always ended up, being moved to the internet, again for ad revenue.

In this new version, all the data of any value, gets downloaded to your personal server.

There is no AI here, to analyze your behavior patterns.

This is a local server with a cache, or a fast version of all the data pre-downloaded.

For an internet experience, faster than you can imagine.

All you need to know to get used to this challenge, is two concepts.

That there will be a program, smartly downloading whatever you like 24/7.

Let us think of this program, as a Software Agent.

These types of programs may eventually, take over for things that you won't change your mind about.

You can configure them to automatically, vote on things for you.

And though this sounds, strange and dangerous.

A software agent can be, extremely powerful.

A single checkbox can declare, political ideas that no one political figure would agree on.

And instead, announce, that there are voters willing to elect a representative.

Who will end homelessness, poverty, or never go to war, having chosen to build schools decades ahead.

But I think this century, any voting that your agent will do for you...

Will be on a much smaller scale, just to see how it would all work out.

To receive ads, you will have to opt-in, to watch marketing segments, you will have to opt-in.

To be alerted to low scoring movies, you will need to opt-in.

To be presented with low quality products, you will have to opt-in.

This is a very simple program to write, it called a web scraper.

The second concept is that of a pipe, and all that is is building a series of filters.

So that articles about your hobbies, aren't just tagged hobby.

But placed in programming or art folder, very much like an inbox.

Your agent, like a web spider, crawls the internet for you.

Preparing a databases of note worthy things, not just while you sleep but all the time.

When a new program feature, or movie you like comes out, it will be right on top of your morning news.

Without any AI salivating over, another component to your profile.

Begin, by learning more about computers, there are some really nice $100 dollar linux computers.

Similar to the Raspberry PI, they are called SBC's, or, single board computers.

Get one, run Linux on it, learn more about web scraping...

And not just filtering out junk, but filtering for information that is valuable to you.

Today, web scraping and RSS, is in a pretty sorry state.

But, accept that as a challenge, and begin working on your vision of such a self hosted service.

Keep Artificial Neural Network technology, away from you.

It only exists for the purpose, of selling you out.

Begin learning programming, begin spidering the web.

Declare your independence, build a software agent, that will never sell you out.

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