Bad News For Bodybuilders: Creatine Wants Its Monohydrates Back
Bad News For Bodybuilders: Creatine Wants Its Monohydrates Back

Friday • June 7th 2024 • 10:59:15 pm

Bad News For Bodybuilders: Creatine Wants Its Monohydrates Back

Friday • June 7th 2024 • 10:59:15 pm


I really like the idea of Poetry Slams, but I am also scared of them, because lots of those poems are sad.

The way I taught myself poetry, if we want to call it that…

Is by building up from Revelational, into Inspirational, and now I am beginning my Transcendental phase.

So, “The School Bus Is Not For Us”, “Grow All The Way Up Until You Become A Great Bing”, and “You Are More Than You Know”.

But, my reading of poems, although greatly improved, continues to be a big problem.

Since I don’t have anybody who does Slam, I asked AI about that particular style of pronunciation.

And the AI said it is not pronunciation, it is emphasis on key words, flow, and performance.

So let us try and see if, there is hope for me.

The following bodybuilder slam, has been crafted by Artificial Intelligence, read by your truly.

Yo, listen up, gather 'round, let me lay it down, Got some news for you, gonna make you frown, Bodybuilders flexing, thinking they're so grand, But Creatine's knocking, it wants its monohydrates back, man!

(Chorus) Bad news for bodybuilders, they're in for a shock, Creatine's calling, wants its monohydrates back, Gonna take back what's mine, no more lifting, just runnin' track, Sorry, bros, but Creatine wants its monohydrates back!

(Verse 2) They're popping pills, gulping shakes, thinking they're buff, But Creatine's laughing, saying "that's not enough!" All those gains you're flaunting, yeah, they're looking kinda fake, Creatine's flexing harder, it's time to fix the brakes!

(Chorus) Bad news for bodybuilders, they're in for a shock, Creatine's calling, wants its monohydrates back,

(Bridge) They're hitting the gym, like it's their second home, But Creatine's saying, "Time to roam!" No more swole, no more gains, just a sad, sad tale, Creatine's reclaiming, it's setting sail!

(Outro) So listen up, bodybuilders, it's time to face the facts, Creatine's reclaiming, it's taking its monohydrates back! No more bench presses, no more muscle stacks, Sorry, bros, but Creatine wants its monohydrates back!

Lets try another version, lets see what we get.

Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round the squat rack, It's time for a tale that's a true muscle smack. For in the realm of iron, where the strong dare to roam, There's a rumble, a grumble, a thundering tone.

Creatine, the king of the supplement throne, In every gym's repertoire, it's well-known, But beware, oh lifters, for a reckoning brews, Creatine's reclaiming its rightful dues.

Monohydrates scattered like grains of sand, In the shadowy corners, where the pump is planned, They thought they could hoard them, keep them concealed, But Creatine's patience has finally been revealed.

For every rep, every set, every muscle that swells, Creatine watches, it hears, it knows and it tells, It demands its monohydrates, no ifs, ands, or buts, In the kingdom of iron, no one dares to shut.

So listen up, bodybuilders, heed this call, Creatine's reclaiming what's rightfully all, Return those monohydrates, don't cause a fuss, For in the world of gains, there's no room for mistrust.


Poets who recite during Poetry Slams have a particular way of sounding their poems, how do they do it, what is it called?

AI: The particular way poets sound their poems during Poetry Slams is often referred to as "slam poetry performance" or simply "slam performance." It involves a combination of rhythmic delivery, expressive gestures, vocal inflections, and sometimes even theatrical elements to engage the audience and convey the emotional depth of the poem. Poets may use varying tones, volumes, and pacing to emphasize certain words or phrases, creating a captivating performance that goes beyond just reciting the words on the page. This performance aspect is a key component of the Poetry Slam culture, where poets compete not only based on the content of their poems but also on the delivery and impact of their performances.

I see, the key, the uniqueness that sets them apart, is in the emphasis of specific words, and from that grows everything else like a tree, the rhythmic delivery all the way up to the performance aspect.

AI: Absolutely! The emphasis on specific words is indeed a cornerstone of slam poetry performance. It's like the roots of a tree, anchoring the poem and giving it depth and meaning. From there, the rhythmic delivery branches out, weaving through the poem, shaping its flow and tempo. And finally, the performance aspect blossoms, adding layers of expression and interpretation, engaging the audience on a visceral level. Like a tree growing from its roots, slam poetry performance grows from the emphasis on key words, creating a dynamic and captivating experience for both the poet and the audience.

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