Saturday • April 3rd 2021 • 10:02:06 pm


Saturday • April 3rd 2021 • 10:02:06 pm

All the imaginary stories tend to have some truth mechanic to them,

and it is not always the point of a story, sometimes it is its diving force.

In our modem society,

we must look to modern things to capture that.

In older cultures, things aren't that much different,

I mean Galahad or King Arthur, is just Iron Man and Superman.

If a hero needed a weakens back then, it would be witchcraft,

having been put under a spell.

Today our culture has evolved and we have Kryptonite, Nanobots,

and whatever makes the story go.

And ancient stories,

are not an exception at all.

Tn Australian Aboriginal Culture, The Dreaming or Dreamtime, sometimes best though of as everywhen,

represents, a time when Heroes with Supernatural abilities walked the earth.

The reason why these things emerge across cultures,

because we experience Heroic transformations ourselves.

We hardly even think about it,

as ten year old we look back to when we were five, and we see that we are more.

In our mid-teens we look back to the kids we were,

when we were only ten.

The way we comprehend our growth,

is as transformation.

Be it, the transformation into a Superhero,

or the transformation of a stranger like Kal-El into a Human boy.

Or the secret wish to be like the heroes that used to walk the earth,

and have these mighty supernatural powers.

It is a dream rooted,

in our own experience of growing up.

It is Human,

All too Human.

Now, our early transformations come from our brain developing,

and our brain keeps developing into our 30's, and beyond.

But as we mature, as we learn more, we get good at abstracting things,

summarizing what we need, and throwing away the stuff that does not yet make sense, such as Biotechnology or Neurology, or Combinatorial Genomics.

Which is part of the reason why, we should only read or listen-to books that we love,

because we will need to return to them dozens of times.

As a young person you may think that Nanobots are the technology of the future,

but that has been done, that's Biotech, technology that is even more relevant to us, because it is what powers us.

But it is really, really, really, good to start with,

Tony Stark's more primitive and simpler technology, his Nano Tech Iron Man armor.

Those of us who are interested in tiny robots, will actually transform interests from cartoon technology and simple robots,

over to Biotechnology and perhaps Combinatorial Genomics.

It is good to start with simple dreams,

so as long as we keep going.

And here we arrive at the force behind the transformations,

it is a force that enhances our brains, our decision making, our abstract thinking, and our Dreaming.


There are Beautiful Great Beings out there that spark or fuel transformations,

that awaken adults even and from decades long slumber.

The act of awakening is much simpler,

then what it takes to trick people away from education, or force them to read just one book.

This is because transformations call to us,

and transformations are always for better.

Some are fascinated by Technology or Biology,

others will be fascinated by Philosophy, by search for, and love of, wisdom.

But they all go higher,

and that age old transformation is not just about a path to their own enlightenment.

Eventually Great Thinkers begin speaking out,

begin influencing the world for the better, healing the world, and advancing the world.

The transformations we find in imaginary stories are pretty silly,

when compared to the Knowledge and Wisdom driven transformations that Great Beings go through.

The world that is in the background of a made up hero,

is a tiny world.

Real heroes rise in the Real World,

a world of Nine Billion Voices.

They understand that their greatest superpower is the power of of explanation and inspiration,

the power to help other grow all the way up so that they may become Great Beings.

Clearly, the day the World becomes United in Peace,

is the day when all Human Beings recognize that they must grow all the way up until they become Wise and Great Beings.