Childhood’s End; On The Subject Of Post Trail Depression
Childhood’s End; On The Subject Of Post Trail Depression

Monday • September 18th 2023 • 11:09:35 pm

Childhood’s End; On The Subject Of Post Trail Depression

Monday • September 18th 2023 • 11:09:35 pm

Like growing up, the great adventures, are a one way road; and there is no return.

There is no going back to the way things were, and that is true for whether you walk the trails or not.

Life is constantly changing, things come and go, days add and subtract.

Walking the trail, in an era when you can take a plane.

Is about making time in your mind, and seeing the world outside in.

The walking was a subtle analogy, to growing up.

Not merely aging, which is an automatic process.

But growing up, which requires deliberate steps forward.

Mr. Thoreau remind us that we must learn what life is, and not come our final days realize that we haven’t lived at all.

To be clear, where you had to put honest steps forward on the trail, now, in life, you have to honestly take to authentic books...

And inherit whatever wisdom is in there, so that you catch up to where the great beings left off.

And gain the ability, to resume their work.

There is no going back, to what you may call the rat race.

You now have to learn to rise, with an aim to put an end to the rat race.

You now know, what the human being is, and that the future generations deserve better than a rat.

If you do quietly return to your ordinary existence, there will be no one to fix schools.

No one to protect humanity from broken ideas, like mutually assured destruction, or even the next world war.

In your old age, you may just end up being cursed, with watching teenagers being drafted into a war...

That could have been prevented with effective education, or even with what you yours self took away from the trail.

There is an upward angled slope to your path in life now, you set it, by getting up in the morning, and continuing the walk.

And that slope must never be lowered, you are now forbidden from living an ordinary life.

You must continue, to live above the common levels of life.

That means books at the library, narrated books so that you can hear and think in between the lines.

Reaching the end in great celebration - terminus, triple crown or otherwise.

Is a revelation, about growing all the way up.

You have now been charged, with rising to become a great being.

A creative thinker, and a polymath, and a lover of wisdom, and a composer, and a great writer, and which is more, a trail guide.

Your duty is now repairing the schools, that betrayed you, by forcing you to memorize without comprehension.

You learn from the narrated works of the philosophers, you rise to stand the same shoulders of giants where they left off.

And resume their work, leaving behind a legacy of positive contributions.

That in the future, those who were inspired by your footsteps, will use as their starting point.

You can walk the trails up and down, but you can’t change the fact that it is a one way road.

You’ve made a step towards greatness, towards growing all the way up.

Now it is time for thousands of great books written by clear thinking beings, and held in high regard by all the world’s authentic intellectuals.

Do not go back to your ordinary life, instead, bring the others to the trails, so that they may see what you saw.