The Pretty Trails Of Nordhouse Dunes
The Pretty Trails Of Nordhouse Dunes

Friday • June 30th 2023 • 10:32:58 pm

The Pretty Trails Of Nordhouse Dunes

Friday • June 30th 2023 • 10:32:58 pm

Lake Michigan and Nordhouse Dunes are so spectacular that you will forget the trails.

That is right, the distance you must travel, between the parking lot and the beach.

Is not some service road, or exhausting access path.

If you start from the north, that is the Lake Michigan Trail.

And from the south on Nurnberg Rd, the Nordhouse Dunes Trail.

But there are several other trails, the Nipissing (ˈnipəsiŋ) Trail being the longest.

And passing by the not so tiny, Nordhouse Lake.

And Algoma Ridge Trail which runs between, the Nipissing and Lake Michigan.

The Nipissing Trail is farthest away, from Lake Michigan, it is a Woodland Trail.

Out on the beach, it is always sunny, and sun is always everywhere and anywhere.

But if you got bug spray, all you will find in the woods is shade and beauty.

Because you are in an ancient dune area, you will find a few beautiful side trails that take you strait up.

I called those places Skylands, as they put you right in the sky above the tree line.

Nordhouse Dunes is actually two adventures in one, The Beach, and, The Woods.

Be sure to have a handy dandy map, and bring a pair of well worn hiking shoes.

If you are a city slicker like, you should know...

That though the trails are tiny, they are just long enough, to serve as a proper excuse.

To strap an expensive and enormous, Bowie knife to your belt, and strut like you own the place.

And if you don't have a beautiful cowboy hat yet, Nordhouse if your excuse to get one.

Rest assured that a proper coyboy hat, will frequently remind you to head on out on another adventure.

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