Tuesday • December 29th 2020 • 10:05:18 pm


Tuesday • December 29th 2020 • 10:05:18 pm

You are a Royalty,

you are more than the endless universe will ever be able to comprehend.

You can't just act like everyone else,

because that is not worthy of you.

You are nothing-like the mix that fits all,

you are a unique-and-blinding beauty.

And you do underestimate yourself,

it will take you a lot of distance, to get to know who you are.

You can learn a lot about your height in the universe,

when an unexpected storm approaches, and all you have is a tent.

That big storm is not interested in you,

and you have to learn to get along with nature.

In the raw beauty of it all,

a good adventure book makes all the difference.

That unfiltered nature, thunder,

or snow, or hard rain, or even a beautiful breeze in the woods...

Ad a place where you can truly hear,

the words of a Philosopher or an Adventurer is something else.

All the Philosophers are asking us to examine life,

to be authentic, to walk our own trail and then keep pushing forward.

Because that is how they rose,,

that's what made them into great, unique and timeless beings.

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