Nordhouse Days
Nordhouse Days

Sunday • March 19th 2023 • 11:16:06 pm

Nordhouse Days

Sunday • March 19th 2023 • 11:16:06 pm

To those who try as they may, are yet to see, the light of day.

Nordhouse Dunes Over At Free Soil, Michigan, is a place one visits again and again.

Food is a gas station some miles away, and water pumps will keep your thirst at bay.

If you look for it there are camper showers, and wood you can buy after hours.

But once you pay a few dollars for parking, you have to go hiking.

Nordhouse is not by the parking lot, you have to grab your backpack and trot.

It can be lonely and cold, but as the morning comes it becomes pure gold.

Stress and overwork is the same as cigarettes, it always end in regrets.

Nordhouse is good magic, it will help you contain all that is tragic.

It will help you repair your mind, so that you don’t go through your life blind.

An you will witness, that it takes care of your fitness.

There are many magical things there, from stony beaches to skylands up in the air.

But it is how you change that is most magical of all, your life and time slows down to a crawl.

And you want nothing more than a narrated book, and a good view from a sunny little pine nook.

Here Lake Michigan becomes an ancient sea, and with an adventure book in hand, you feel free.

Storms may come, so take good care, for nature is not a force you should ever dare.

Wear cut-proof gloves, and only wisely use your knife. You don’t want a cut to end your adventure in strife.

Get an umbrella to avoid the sun, so that you may return without looking well-done.

And as returns go, there is something big you should know.

Moving from overwork towards nature, is a one way venture.

You return in body, but never in soul, for nothing will ever again swallow you whole.

Nature will remind you, that life is dear, that you must rise up and never fear.

And should you return to a city that makes you feel down, then recognize it as the call of the Triple Crown.

Then the adventurer in you yearns the three Royal Grails, Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and the Continental Divide Trails.

Keep your narrated philosophy book in your ear, and sooner than later all will become clear.