Our World
Our World

Tuesday • December 8th 2020 • 9:13:42 pm

Our World

Tuesday • December 8th 2020 • 9:13:42 pm

Each generation, including yours, Dear Reader,

is charged with figuring out, what is wrong.

Previous generations discovered many wrongs,

Wars, Racism, Inequality, Lack of Education.

Due to ineffective schooling and resulting lack of education,

we continue repeating mistakes of previous generations.

The primary cause to repetitions of mistakes and their re-emergence,

is lack of real education that grants the student knowledge, independence, wisdom, and eventual greatness.

Liars everywhere, in the blindness caused by lack of education,

are easily out-competing generations of beings who dedicated their lives to the betterment of Human Kind.

Children are forced to memorize and pretend to learn to get good grades,

and hope to go to colleges and universities that hardly live up to their promises.

Their job search, and school loans,

the way they are treated from interview to retirement does not do them justice.

The younger generations are the Sacred Hope and Future of Human Hind,

but they are now exploited by old fat lice who cannot stop feeding even if their life depends on it.

The teachers in their haste to bring a little paycheck home have lost the respect for students,

professors now sell home-made textbooks as ineffective as their lectures, and universities.

The children can see all this,

they understand the minds of these failures.

They merely need to ask:

"How would I have to think, and how low would I have to sink, to do as they do."

Humanity requires a real educational system to effectively pass knowledge between generations,

when we finally create it, we will see blind stupidity and all the evils it fuels, fade.

My friends, this is not a difficult project,

we come together to record video lectures, write and narrate books.

We pay,

for outstanding contributions and translations of these lectures.

That payment,

is the grade.

We create a massively multiplying and overlapping global educational system,

that has no structure, and countless redundant paths towards knowledge, excellence and wisdom.

Those paths,

are the diploma.

Companies that show compassion, worth and balance,

inspect these paths in search of talent.

Even so, students are encouraged to build multi-founder start-ups,

throughout the world and their lives.

This world school, is not an neat addition to this world,

this school: Becomes Our World.

It becomes our point of convergence on World Peace,

and the Library of Ideas worth keeping.

The fundamentally broken naysayers will come,

as the erosion of the good ideas and propagation of war, poverty, and all other bad ideas is their food.

But those who stand against Prosperity, Unity, Knowledge, Wisdom and World Peace,

are just an animated rotting corpse that needs to be left behind in the poverty and desperation they once exploited to their advantage.

For the sake of the future generations,

let us rise against evil and mediocrity.

May we abandon all that moves against the grain of reality,

and all that is fake, ineffective, and lacking positive, real, and permanent results.

Let us cradle the future generations in Knowledge, in Wisdom, and in Greatness,

and honor them and their challenges, with World Peace.

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