The Unbelievable World Of Strange Metaprogrammers
The Unbelievable World Of Strange Metaprogrammers

Sunday • May 7th 2023 • 8:31:58 pm

The Unbelievable World Of Strange Metaprogrammers

Sunday • May 7th 2023 • 8:31:58 pm

Their code is always perfectly secure, but how it works? - no one can be sure.

White chocolate vendi mocha runs though their veins, and nothing is greater than their brains.

Sweet Meta Programmers rule the over world, programming night and day with their little toes curled.

Infinite complexity driven by obscene brevity, a true treasure of ingenious depravity.

An infinitely nested Tesseract within a hyper cube, will turn even the most seasoned programmer into a boob.

But, a meta programmer call that a snack, that is the challenge that they love to hack.

A eval’d code in a nested file in a box within a box, wrapped in an impossible paradox.

And nobody likes who they are, from their code-buddy to HR.

They are a fight club with an aim, and they are playing a hard to win game.

To use code as a form of education, and undo the stagnation in each and every nation.

To begin writing such terrible self evaluating code, you’re going to have to learn how to use node

And aim to write the smallest possible programs, that can only be explained by 3D diagrams.

Self referential and recursive at the core, with each new nested chamber marked by a virtual door.

Start with a MUD curved upon it self, fork it, and fix it, and become a virtual elf.

Build the world with tools you make, from the inside out, inner-space is what meta-programming is all about.

It is a landscape of things, surfaces, containers, rooms, where infinity always looms.

Driven by the tick-tock of a clock that moves in all directions, it is a world free of any and all causality objections.

Make it game in a pixel-art universe, here you can even tock-tick the time in reverse.

Therefore, invent and do it today, become a meta programmer without delay.

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