Don't Ignore Programming
Don't Ignore Programming

Thursday • May 23rd 2024 • 11:26:45 pm

Don't Ignore Programming

Thursday • May 23rd 2024 • 11:26:45 pm

You can graduate High School with a made up GPA, or the ability to create computer programs.

Being able to program computers allows you to study the world at greater depth, where you can simulate whatever poses a challenge.

Simulation will put you in the scientist's or inventor's chair, helping you ask the right questions, and search for the correct answers.

But even more importantly, programming opens a gateway, into starting a series of small startups from which you can learn to succeed.

Don't ignore programming, get serious about it.

Because politicians put you in poverty on purpose, and High School is about the adults made desperate by make-believe politicians.

While small mindedness is everywhere, political small-mindedness, is especially toxic as it negatively impacts families and futures.

You can't just assume High School College, Job and Family is the way to go.

Especially now, with a looming threat of war, where all NATO nations will have to contribute troops.

You need independence, intellectual, financial and, psychological, the latter being the end of worries caused by poverty.

Extend your stay in High school as much as you can, and focus on studying programming.

Avoid Python, Java, and TypeScript, and enter C family of programming languages.

Begin with JavaScript, by means of Node-RED, p5.js, Svelte, Bootstrap and node.js.

Programming is a real subject, where each lesson makes perfect sense.

It produces clear results, and helps you strategise about what to create for your future.

Take your education seriously, the world is always entangled in preventable problems.

This must stop or generations will waste their life effort, on things that could have been entirely avoidable had the world entered a more intellectual culture.

Make no mistake, there is no such thing, as standardized education.

The only kind of education that is worthy of what you represent to Human Kind and its future. Is a curiosity driven personalized education, aided by AI or human tutors.

Where you can dance around the subjects you want to study, at your own pace and in the sequence that resonates with you.

Begin your quest for knowledge. with programming tutorials.

And as soon as you feel up to it walk the Appalachian, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide trails.

While listening to all the narrated books that are treasured by intellectuals, books written by great beings who want to help you grow up.

And make no mistake, you must grow all the way up, until you become a great being.

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