Pad De Deux: Magically Unfinished
Pad De Deux: Magically Unfinished

Sunday • April 3rd 2022 • 3:48:59 pm

Pad De Deux: Magically Unfinished

Sunday • April 3rd 2022 • 3:48:59 pm

Art is sensitive to light and color as well,
painting on a well calibrated monitor...

Can look slightly off,
on a coffee shop laptop.

And when you take your art,
to the local photo printing booth...

You may find that the shadows in the painting do not agree,
with all rooms you take your art into.

Moreover, unlike a photo your impressionist painting,
can ask you for help.

It speaks in strange ways,
but it speaks with heart.

And that is only the half of it,
because you speak back.

By adding the things,
that the painting calls for.

Sometimes you add to much,
and the painting will tell you so.

Other times,
you need to fix a few simple things.

And the painting,
becomes silent and content.

Impressionism helps your painting,
hold a kind of a visual conversation with you.

A dance,
of two.

What is even more magical,
is that your painting will stop asking for more...

Long before,
it begins approaching Hyperrealism.

Our love of art,
that thing in our soul.

Cares not for mirror images,
not exactly.

It cares that the person in the painting,
looks like the person that you painted.

Through the lens,
of a brush.

Our bodies maybe bound to the chemical signature of this planet,
by four billion years of evolution.

But our minds, reach far beyond,
physics and the ordinary, and the predictable.

We are not computers, not in any way,
we are not animals evolved for complex tasks.

And you feel that,
when you sit down the second time to your impressionist painting.

When you complete it,
before it becomes a photo.

Your mind is not of the starts and atoms,
but the very beauty of the Universe.

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