Philo Sophia Means Love of Wisdom
Philo Sophia Means Love of Wisdom

Saturday • August 29th 2020 • 5:25:38 pm

Philo Sophia Means Love of Wisdom

Saturday • August 29th 2020 • 5:25:38 pm

The Human Mind is beautiful,

but as we grow, it requires upgrades, education, insights.

Philosophy, Love of Wisdom,

the uncontradictory arrangement of thoughts which that represents,

must constantly aim to correct, expand and refine it self.

Even while in pursuit of knowledge and finest thoughts,

we will unfortunately inherit some mistaken observations.

Philosophers often do their best work right on the edge of their very limits,

they can't haul all their tools out there, they do their best, when they do their most.

We have to check their work, and should they mistaken,

we have to come to their aid, and make repairs to their works.

This is why me must constantly monitor what we are learning,

even if the ideas come from people we are admire.

In a word,

we too have to become Philosophers.

Philosophers and Great Beings aim to bring light to the world,

light of Knowing and Knowledge, light for The Human Condition.

They welcome repairs to their works,

they hope, you will come to think with them.

And they hope that You too,

will become a Philosopher.

Wisdoms alter our decision making, sometimes reverse our opinions,

we must learn, we must inherit all of the greatest wisdoms.

Without that education and inheritance,

we can't be sure if the choices we are meaning are correct.

In some cases - allegory of the cave, altered education, or just cheap propaganda,

we can't even be sure if the opinions we hold dear are our own,

or if they are simply effects of the facts that we have been allowed to learn and grow with.

Pursuit of Wisdom, in all its color, not only makes us wise,

but it helps us become leaders, and pushes us away from the life of following.

While becoming a Philosopher or a Great Being may seem optional today,

ask your Elder Self,

if being able to inspire the younger generation to Genius is something that you may wish for.