Education For All The Epochs
Education For All The Epochs

Tuesday • August 31st 2021 • 3:26:03 pm

Education For All The Epochs

Tuesday • August 31st 2021 • 3:26:03 pm

stop memorizing - that is not how we learn for real.

Your continued participation in fake education,
only makes things worse for the Little Ones.

At the very least,
you are to clear the way for their growing up.

Stop jumping through their hoops,
may your generation be known as the generation with the bad grades.

Poverty whether you conceive it to be hunger,
or decades of servitude in return for the smallest possible paycheck that will keep you working.

Is just the boogie man,
it takes three hops to begin making money on your own.

Learn about something you like, practice and find inspiration in similar creations,
and search for an outlet where such things can be sold, and setup multiple such little undertakings.

Businesses slow down at random,
if you have multiple ones you'll be safe.

One year you'll make $20,000, another $200,000,
if you leave it alone it just goes up and down.

If you continue learning,
the odds of not making money go down.

This life long career nonsense that we have been spoon fed,
in this neutered state of education leads to an extremely unhealthy lifestyle.

And ends with not having a job,
when you get much, much older.

I always advise everyone to talk to their elder selves,
and ask them what their regrets are.

I leave it up to them to choose the epoch they visit,
but I trust eventually they will visit their elderly selves.

Fake education, hurts us across all our ages,
we need to plan for our entire life ahead.

Whatever your career is,
they will eventually force you out, don't count on them.

Retirement plans are just another carrot and stick,
trust me you do not want to live on that 69-cent canned hot dog at the dollar store.

It is fine now,
but in your longest epoch, it is an insult.

Talk to your elderly selves,
ask them if they want you to have a fake education and mental health damaging career among desperate pretenders.

Or if they want you to learn to be able to stand on your own,
with art, music, sculpture, computers, adventure and books.

Know, that the Universe in its good nature,
will conspire to make your final age longer than all your other ages put together.

This age, is meant to be an age of celebration of your achievement,
you are not to silently cradle a cheap gold plated watch as a reminder of your other ages.

You are giggle,
and keep having more adventures.

I am asking you to take to a Real Education
the beginning of which you will find in Narrated Books and Internet Video Tutorials.

(That teachers desperately holding on to what they will later discover to be their fraudulent careers,
and schools always hungry for the dollar but denying food to children with debt whilst calling pizza a vegetable as the parasites-i-mean principals get their golden parachutes,
have convinced you to be an ineffective and ridiculous form of education.)

And narrated book after narrated book, and tutorial after tutorial,
awaken your genius.

And ensure, that an no point in your life,
will you serve for money, nor go hungry, or grow grim.

Genius is within you,
and once awakened, it will double with each new book and tutorial.

Reject fake education,
learn in the sequence that fits you best, and at the pace that you find most comfortable.

Help the Little Ones,
if you can.

And remember,
with Knowledge comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes greatness.