On Understanding The World
On Understanding The World

Wednesday • May 12th 2021 • 10:05:36 pm

On Understanding The World

Wednesday • May 12th 2021 • 10:05:36 pm

To understand the world, you must stop assuming that everything is how it should be.

You have to get used to the idea that the world needs your help, almost nothing works.

You will be able to see examples of that everywhere, once you take time to listen to, and read books.

Other than noticing that everything is incomplete, you will never fully grasp the world.

The understanding of the world, is a process, it must be.

You can only understand the things that call to you, and that education is the key.

Most, if not all misunderstandings are rooted in greatly varying levels of education.

When levels of real education rise, the world becomes wiser.

As the world grows in wisdom, misunderstandings fade away and Peace arrives.

Not all education is equal, real education is rare.

It is far simpler to take to the books that call to you, than to wait for a teacher that can inspire you.

Be careful when it comes to organized education, it is safer to learn directly from the world's most beloved thinkers.

Eventually you will no doubt hope to make a difference, but there is a great and heartbreaking problem with that.

It may not be possible to help those who are already suffering, it may only be realistic to make their pain count more, by preventing it in the future.

Not all great challenges are like this, but once a war starts, there are no winners, nor will there ever be.

To make changes that last, you may have to focus on prevention.

You have to look into the future, as you won't be able to reliably change the present, not always.

To reliably change the future, you must help the world learn, increases the world's level of education.

You have to help the world remember, that it was lack of knowledge that kept the world in misery.

Your greatest adversaries will not only tower over you, but will outlive you by centuries.

They will turn misery and borders, into profit, a minuscule amount from billions of people.

The word kind of an education, is the one that stops the student from learning more.

Be it with false promises, fantasies, or by replacing real education with meaningless memorization tests and grades.

Once a student becomes either convinced that they know enough, or tricked into not wanting to learn anymore, the world becomes darker for it.

Dark ages is not a thing that you can witness, as they are spread across multiple centuries.

The darkness is just the symbol, for lack of education, lack of enlightenment.

The future generations will be able to see it when looking back at us, but we won't.

The urgency with which every human being, must be given books and knowledge in a way that helps them grow, is of an order of magnitude higher than we can comprehend.

Screaming Climate, Pandemics, Wars, Racism, Concentration Camps, Solitary Confinement, Police Brutality, and Punishment By Death, will do nothing to help the world understand.

Most don't even know about the Holocene Extinction, all of this is a function of their level of education.

Our Empathy and Compassion for each other, also scales with Knowledge.

We are all born perfect, and we are all beautiful.

But we must not start at zero, we must be born to the greatest heights of the previous generation.

Without real education, not only do we repeat the same mistakes.

But we keep adding more weight to them, and make the suffering of the previous generations count for nothing.

Real education enhances us, it improves us, and refines our operating system, decision making mechanisms, and powers of perception.

You can't stand up to a war, a global cult, or fantasy education, you will be so small they won't even notice you.

But you can prevent it from propagating into the future, help your classmates, protect them from fake teacher, share narrated books.

Use the stress of fake education to ignite their passion for True Wisdom, help them see the Liars and the Fools, help them see the fraud of Fake Education.

Help them see how in poverty those who claim authority, trade the Best Minds of The Future Generation, for a small paycheck.

The propagation of the darkness-and-misery of our age, under the collective and self defeating excuse...

of putting some food, on their table.

Above all, and in more ways, than we can grasp.

The following words, will always hold true.

It is either all of us, or none.