For The Betterment Of The World; Or, Hiking, Camping, And The Library
For The Betterment Of The World; Or, Hiking, Camping, And The Library

Thursday • March 21st 2024 • 12:07:51 am

For The Betterment Of The World; Or, Hiking, Camping, And The Library

Thursday • March 21st 2024 • 12:07:51 am

Human beings have a lot of powers, and some of those can be used for trickery.

Hiking and Camping over an extender period of time, combines with our powers to undo such trickery.

Overwork is a nice example, it is a self sustaining pattern, that simply makes us sick and old.

Your employer should cut back your hours and pay you more, not coerce you to give up both your decades and your health.

Going camping, creates a massive shock wave, that will snap a person away from unhealthy habits.

And if they camp for long enough, they will wander into the local library and borrow a narrated book.

Narrated books unlike movies, last for 10 to 20 hours, they are perfect for adventure.

Take a step back, and look at the transformation, stress is gone, rat race is stopped.

And a person, who would never touch a book, is listening to Philosophers and Adventurers.

Trickery of indoctrination, ineffective education, political mediocrity, poverty, and death by blood clots or alcohol stops.

And the person is able to breathe, and comprehend.

Unfortunately, there is another trick here, because while the person will see they need a better job.

Their routine is so sweetly toxic, that it will keep calling them back…

For anywhere between 3 to maybe 40 days, if they quit, unless they resist it…

Their brain will convince them to return to overwork, it is like that caged animal that once freed, still walks in a circle.

Even so, Hiking and Camping, is still the most powerful medicine there is.

It is the best chance, a person who got stuck in a death spiral has.

If they reach out for adventure books, they have a higher chance of recovery.

Because all adventurers, no exceptions, leave for that adventure to escape the loop.

To know whether you are in a loop or not, all you have to do is ask your self which side you are on.

Do you go on vacations, or do you come to the city to work.

You are not a working machine, you are a miracle of the universe.

You are an unexpected force of nature, and there is a large intellectual inheritance waiting for you.

It is in all the books, written by clear thinking and integrated minds.

You are not to wake up to an alarm clock, you are not to force feed before work.

And you are certainly not to be grateful, for low wages, insulting rewards, and more poverty.

We are all charged, with growing all they way up.

By means of knowledge and wisdom, most of which will come from your intellectual inheritance.

To be clear, growing all the way up, means to become a great being.

It is the only way to end war, poverty, and indoctrination.

Failing to rise to the massive challenge of becoming a Great Human Being, is just another trick, just another loop, another reason to try harder.

You must take good care of your mind, you must learn and inherit, and invent, and speak out.

You must change the world, we must not repeat the mistakes of the previous century.

The only way to break out of this loop, is to rise to the challenges of greatness.

Either live to change the world for better, or fade condemning others to pointlessly repeat your own mistakes.

Remember the sound of your alarm clock, for what it is, and use adventure and books to rise to a better tomorrow.

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