A Philosopher’s Walk
A Philosopher’s Walk

Thursday • September 28th 2023 • 11:34:57 pm

A Philosopher’s Walk

Thursday • September 28th 2023 • 11:34:57 pm

We must learn to examine life, because we can be easily tricked into false beliefs.

Human beings make decisions based on what they see and know, and history shows that is often turned against us.

Therefore, we have to examine life, to get a true picture of it.

To make sure we are not prisoners, of some invisible prison.

To really examine life, we have to listen to books.

Not just read them, but get at narrated versions at the library.

A paper book is a storage medium, the book must be played by a narrator.

Those who build invisible prisons, expose themselves by just parading one or two books.

But, to really examine life, we must hope to listen to no less than 10,000 books.

But there is a very big problem, because stress, worry, distraction and fear.

Will make even listening to books, hard if not impossible.

A mind has to be free of toxic things, to quietly start paying attention to what is being said.

In some cases, a person my need to rest, for so long, that books will actually reach out to them.

And this is where a Philosopher Walk becomes, useful, as it is always very long, and peaceful.

To start, find a symbol of a philosopher, so that symbolically, you begin, where they left off.

One of the most enchanting walks, begins by the Walden Pond, where Henry Thoreau had his cabin.

There is a tradition, of bringing a little rock along with you, and leaving it next to where his cabin used to be.

This means, that you can begin your philosopher’s walk right now, go outside and find your rock.

The moment you put it in your pocket, the Philosopher Walk, your beautiful quest begins.

Once you arrive at the pond, and leave your rock by Henry’s cabin.

You should be already listening to your narrated book collection, non-fiction written by great beings, who lest positive and meaningful legacies behind.

If you look to the horizon, you will notice a mountain in the distance.

That’s Mount Katahdin, it is your next stop, and your first great challenge.

A Philosopher’s Walk, is never simple, it will not easy, it is painful, frightening, and just about the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

A lot of people cry when they make it up the mountain, they know, that the changes they need, have already begun.

The top of Mount Katahdin serves as the Northern Terminus, of the Great Appalachian Trail, your home for the next several months.

This is where you will be granted the time and peace of mind, to listen and comprehend to the great beings in your narrated book collection.

You will befriend them, learn to inherit their wisdom, and learn to weave thoughts as long as theirs.

Your next stop is Springer Mountain, down in Georgia, and depending on how much wisdom you want.

There are two other trails, that are just as long, the Pacific Crest Trail, and The Continental Divide.

Walking all three, in the company of philosophers, marks the Triple Crown, an incredible achievement.

And although every step on the Philosopher’s Walk, is a step towards greatness.

The triple crown, guarantees that you will understand, that to grow up, means to grow all the way up, and become a great being.