School Subject Divisions
School Subject Divisions

Thursday • July 21st 2022 • 7:12:52 pm

School Subject Divisions

Thursday • July 21st 2022 • 7:12:52 pm

If you ask someone,
about math or physics.

How it is it, that they have learned,
but they don’t know it.

They will not be able,
to give you a very clear answer.

That is exactly what you would expect,
from being fooled.

“I took physics”, “but I don’t know physics”,
“it must be my fault”.

It is not,
their fault.

it is just that,
whatever teachers were doing...

Or whatever they themselves,
were tricked into doing...

Was not teaching,
but forcing people to perform.

Most often,
by means of temporary memorization.

If teachers question,
this method of education...

Students will fail State tests,
and school will be shut down.

Everyone will be bussed to a school,
that does not question the way things are.

You have to do two things,
from now on, question everything.

Become a scientist by day,
and a News Reporter by night.

Start by questioning everything I said in here,
and move on to schools - which brings us to the second thing...

You are being easily manipulated,
because you are letting everyone define what a school is, as it serves them best.

The closest you can get to it,
is watching the school Hackers learn.

They have it totally figured out,
though they are hyper-mastering a single branch of the tree.

Honestly, so as long as they have dignity and manners,
this is neither good nor bad.

What you maybe interested in however,
is the full picture.

And I owe you, an explanation that fits a single paragraph,
as those are most often the honest ones.

My somewhat gloomy definition,
is as follows:

“A real school and by extension teachers and education,
enables students to flourish, if they have to build or rebuild their community from ground up.”

Hackers are such a good example,
because they could rebuild communication, and write whatever software is needed.

Even though programming is extremely abstract,
as abstract as screensavers.

Hackers know it from beginning to end,
they have no issue with practical applications.

There is no class called hacking,
they have tho take networking, programming, soldering, and very often art.

But there should be,
this class should be called Creative Engineering.

A real school would have all other subjects clustered,
and mutually reinforced this way.

Teaching a disconnected fragments that can't help you build or create,
is how schools get away with fraud.


Here, I would like to underline that,
once poor children were thought of as unteachable.

Back then they would often be employed in mines,
because they can fit smaller passageways.

Today, rather than employing children in a mine,
we are mining students as a resource.

They are a source of cheap labor, minimum wage,
and a tool that despite ineffective education powers unforgivable college loans.

Rather than letting the businessmen learn a lesson from handing out high risk loans,
we instead forcibly extract the payment from student paychecks, later in their life.

Loans unforgivable by bankruptcy,
handed out to trusting and unsuspecting young people.