Seventy Five Days And Seventeen Paintings
Seventy Five Days And Seventeen Paintings

Saturday • April 9th 2022 • 12:24:21 pm

Seventy Five Days And Seventeen Paintings

Saturday • April 9th 2022 • 12:24:21 pm

Two days of painting, two days of resting,
a new painting every four days, for about 75

I am only showing sixteen here,
because every time I look at that damn Groundhog, it snows.

I don’t feel welcome in the art community,
and I got banned from one forum already.

I said “That art teachers destroy artists,
and we have to fight them.”

The moderator said that the forum is owned by an art teacher,
and I will never post there again.

Even though this is really funny,
I’ve decided to stand alone.

I don’t have time to un-indoctrinate,
art students with a make believe education.

There is only time to help those who are curious about art,
to kick the other artists butts, on day one.

In all seriousness, the fake pompous teacher problem,
is a horrible tragedy.

Because, in their incompetence,
they turn people away from art, with boring things.

And what young students need,
is the instant ability...

To turn every freaking adult,
into a cute bobble head with shiny eyes.

I will release a series of pictorial tutorials.

There is no time for videos either,
strong info-graphics will do it, at least at first.

The art tutorials where students don’t have to practice drawing boxes,
and dive right into Impressionism, Hyperrealism and Realistic Pop Surrealism.

And bobble heads,
because bobble heads, are Lyfe.

Will generate enough videos and related materials,
that all I need to do is invite the first few

Sixteen paintings, of which at least ten are very good.
may not seem like much in the world of art.

But it is everything in the world of Art Education,
in the world of real education.

It is everything,
because it provides real results.

And “Real Results”,
is the definition of real education.

In closing, I would like to note that there are no masterpieces here,
and explain that a master piece is a multi-character scene.

Again Pop Surrealist that most supreme form of art,
is probably the fastest and best way to build one.

In a word, a masterpiece is a scene that permanently baffles the viewer,
majority of people that see it, simply never, forget, your painting.

By extension that also means,
that they will reach out to own a copy.

A masterpiece,
has legs.

Personally, if I had to create a masterpiece today,
which is about 30 years too early.

I would paint a painting that shows how to help the world advance,
beyond, poverty, climate dangers, armed conflicts and war.

It would be a concept map to that remind us all,
that to grow up, means to grow all they way up, to become great beings.

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