The Outside Of The World
The Outside Of The World

Thursday • November 2nd 2023 • 11:40:09 pm

The Outside Of The World

Thursday • November 2nd 2023 • 11:40:09 pm

We are not used to taking about the outside, of our indoctrination.

Outside of our knowledge rooted in ineffective schools, and TV shows crafted for effective advertising.

And beliefs, which are always blind, and presented to us by a loving family member.

To get a better look at ourselves we must understand what a Human Being is, and where we are currently at, in our growing up in the universe.

Many complex problems arise from friction, between reality and the way the world currently functions.

And there are levels to the functioning of our word, as thing tend to feed off of each other.

Our world brainlessly builds as it can be built, it is not in fact carefully arranged with great vision and wisdom.

To give a few examples, false leaders, predatory pricing of medicine, ineffective education, indoctrination of children into made up fantasies.

These are not islands of opportunity, for the purpose of power, profit, wage slavery, and easy control.

But layered towers of corruption, exploiting traditions, loopholes, lack of real education.

Anything and everything that is legal though maybe unethical, and whatever is politically advantageous.

High prices of otherwise cheap medicine, are legal but unethical.

And false campaign promises that politicians always festoon themselves with, are always non-legally binding, and make the voter a fool.

These systems of exploitation are not very easy to visualize, because they are opportunistically grown at a time when it is possible or optimal.

And they stick as their large momentum keeps them going, and uneducation ensures that a fool is in-fact born every minute.

If a system has leadership, then the leaders will emerge on their own, the influences rise as a function of randomness and opportunity.

There are no schools of corruption, no serous world conspiracies, though many may convince themselves that random acts are their doing.

Therefore, there is nothing to trace, prove, comprehend, a thing is because it happened.

It is important to note that the opposite of systems of exploitation, are systems of wisdom, systems that honor human greatness.

But, all it takes to collapse them, and fuel a new dark age, is rendering schools ineffective, and burning libraries, or just books.

The future of humanity is not found in merely the opposite of systems of exploitation, but in empowering the individual, with real education, and profound wisdom.

Human beings, are good, noble, beautiful, meant for love of wisdom, greatness, and great health and adventure.

But we are way to easily corrupted because we tend to blindly believe whatever we are born into, and as a result all easily exploited.

All it takes to create followers, votes, loans, sales, and a fool, every minute, is keeping things broken, ineffective, deaf, dumb, and blind.

Making effort to improve the world look outstanding and breathtaking, without actually changing anything.

We must each learn to gain a good view of the world, is by rejecting all the broken things, many of which are killing you.

And building yourself up the right way, from the beginning.

Find all the world most profound non-ficion books written by clear thinkers, and held in high esteem by all the world intellectuals.

And earn your triple crown, by walking the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide Trails.

Taking time away from from broken things, and spending it on inheriting wisdom and culture from great beings is a new start.

Here, you will not be part of systems of exploitation, that is always trying to stretch, warp, or mangle you.

You will sand, free, well outside, of the organically grow patchworks.

Perhaps in your rise away from stress, you will find a way, to begin enabling each student with personalized and meaningful education.

So that the world may begin growing inside out, to not need that strange shell that wraps it.

Or perhaps, in your rise to the free world, you will have already found it.

And become a trail guide, and so much more.

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