The Island Birds Of A Feather
The Island Birds Of A Feather

Friday • November 10th 2023 • 11:51:28 pm

The Island Birds Of A Feather

Friday • November 10th 2023 • 11:51:28 pm

I live on a slightly off-kilter island, in that one side is connected to the land.

But, the land is divided between the state of Ohio, or as I am sure it is pronounced Oh, hi, yo!

And then a place called Indiana, the dog’s name from Indiana Jones.

Most Michiganders, don’t know that Indiana is supposedly a state.

And they certainly have no idea, that it is anywhere near Michigan.

It is so hard to believe, that either of these, are real, that it is OK to think of Michigan as an island.

And living on an island means, meeting some of the worlds most magnificent birds.

And sure as heck, pulling into the gym parking lot, this morning, I’ve noticed a gaggle of geese, like none other.

These were tough birds, the impression I got from them, was that of Samurai.

And am not even convinced, that they are on their way down south where it is warmer.

Maybe they are headed for Canada, where the winter will toughen them up some more.

Their boos, was standing kneed deep in a puddle, and it was like 40 Fahrenheit today.

I didn’t even realize that a goose, could be that tough.

I have a very complicated relationship with geese, as I have been attached many time as a child.

I probably just dreamy this up but I have a memory, of adults standing back as I tried to befriend a nearby goose.

Snickering that I am about to learn a lesson, and sure as heck I got hissed at and pinched - and the adults laughed.

Let me tell you something I may love and adore Seagulls, but I respect geese, and see them as great warriors.

That long neck, should make you think of the dinosaurs, birds are no ordinary creature.

In a way, they have been evolving, much longer than us, then the shrew.

In fact it is a little know fact, but the true reason why geese walk across the road, instead of using their wings….

Is dignity, many still recognize as as the litte shrew, from 65 million years ago.

And they will certainly not go around the shrew, they will make the shrew stop traffic.

This morning, they seemed to have been having a meeting, with a friend of mine.

A wise Seagull in charge of the Fries and Bottom Hamburger buns, that health conscious people prefer to pass along to the birds.

And no doubt he let them have some, so that they fly strong whichever way they are going.

And my Seagull friend, Bob, being a creature of comfort, is packing up for the South.

Maybe Georgia or Alabama, possibly Florida.

Their meeting made me revisit one neat memory from ages ago, that I have of flying South myself.

I was once surprised by an early Michigan Winter, and simply rejected it, I got into my car.

And drove down to Tennessee, where I became enchanted…

By all the radio stations, suddenly playing Country Music. Shania Twain, Trisha Yearwood, Reba – golleee.

And I continued on, down to Gorgie, and later Florida.

That is the one thing about US that people often forget, winter here, is just a choice.

If you don’t like it, follow the clever birds, cause down south, it is always Summer.

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