Free and Open Lectures: A Call To Heroism
Free and Open Lectures: A Call To Heroism

Thursday • September 24th 2020 • 6:36:23 pm

Free and Open Lectures: A Call To Heroism

Thursday • September 24th 2020 • 6:36:23 pm

My Friends,

In this letter I ask you to begin working on building the schools we wish we had,

by means of creating free and open audio and video lectures.

I am asking you to study what you love, to learn and master what moves your heart,

and improve and refine the notes and materials until the audio/video recordings can lead a lecture worthy of your students.

I am asking you to rise to the Great Challenge of becoming Real Teachers,

so that you may help the Younger Generations out of Love, and Inspiration, and Wisdom.

The problems of Mass Incarceration, Climate Change, and Voter Confusion,

are rooted in the broken systems of education that we see today.

By enabling the new generation of students,

we will help them with the challenges they will soon face.

We are going to replace schools and broken/fake education,

with the lectures we upload to the internet, together.

Wherever possible, work in groups,

so that no one Great Being must carry the weight of this Great Challenge alone.

I want you to work together, so that the students who will use your materials,

will fell your friendship and love, hear your laughter, your authenticity, and heroism.

Schools begun hurting the world by misleading children,

and pushing them into the false belief that they are not smart enough for good grades.

The truth is that all children are geniuses,

as Humans, we are all equally gifted.

However, we all too easily accept authority without question,

and all too easily fail to perceive reality warped by cultural indoctrination.

Let us begin our work, in the beginning,

starting where Elementary School ends and Middle School Begins.

This is the point where education becomes a charade of memorization, grades, and standardized testing,

this is where we divide Human Knowledge into categories that lose their meaning and purpose.

Let us build our lectures, baby step by baby step,

following simple human curiosity that lies behind so many of our greatest achievements.

The task at hand is simple,

but also enormous.

The more join us under the banner of Free and Open Lectures,

the easier the path to the Real Solutions and Real Results that the future generations require.

Let us build a school in the Public Domain,

a school that invites all to learn from Audio, Video and Digital Materials.

A school where there are no grades,

only visible paths and milestones of proud achievements and joy of learning.

Let us encourage all the participants to expand the lectures under no subject in particular,

simply what makes best sense for the Human Mind to Grasp.

Let us tile our lecture for what they really are,

and may they unite many of the old subjects, so that they may be once again be free of borders and overflowing with content.

The world of the future requires real solutions with lasting results to very complex problems,

let us help the children of today meet that challenge in Knowledge and Wisdom.