Camping For Health
Camping For Health

Wednesday • January 17th 2024 • 12:02:31 am

Camping For Health

Wednesday • January 17th 2024 • 12:02:31 am

You have to choose your own adventure, especially if sugar, salt and fat, has already made you ill.

It is a lot easier than you think, an adventure is just four things, and its duration.

Walking, listening to narrated books, sleeping in the woods, and roasting sausages.

Walking with day-pack or backpack, builds muscle while burning up fat.

Listening to narrated books, especially ones loved by intellectuals…

Helps you inherit entire Lifetimes of wisdom, helps you learn up and down the age scale.

Sleeping in the woods, can mean a new home every night.

But often it just means camping, you set up camp for two to six weeks…

And become a happy camper, while going into the woods.

I mean both meanings of that phrase, the sophisticated camper brings a second tent.

But then questions are asked, when they set it on flame like its Ragnarok.

Instead of bringing it home, for reuse next season, like a filthy animal.

And woodland roasted sausages, are magically healthy when you are out camping.

The loner your adventure, the more positive the impact.

The more fat you burn, the larger your leg, abdominal and shoulder muscles.

The loner you are out there, the more books you read.

And, which is more, the more the local animals accept you as their own.

A lot of time you don’t even need to feed them, they just hope to help you after getting a good look.

In adventure, beauty becomes a constant, so there is nothing more than, that out there.

The best thing in the morning are the thirsty deer, and the breakfast fire with crackling pine.

The best thing at noon, is the shade and the new chapter of your book.

And the best thing in the evening, is the new sunset, the evening fire, and of course the sausage.

In short, the bulk of the magic, of the secret sauce of healing, is in how magnificent the duration of you stay is.

If you move beyond camping to hiking, then it is not the miles alone, it is both the miles and the duration.

The duration of the adventure, remains as a profound influence on your mind and body.

A lot of people ask, "and then what?"

Though it is the wrong question to ask, it is too basic and shallow; there is a large answer.

And it is a short one, listen to 10_000 books, and use what you inherit, and your body of knowledge, and the resulting wisdom.

To grow, all the way up, until you become a great being.

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