This Is An Interval Timer; Or, A Workout Must Flow
This Is An Interval Timer; Or, A Workout Must Flow

Wednesday • February 14th 2024 • 11:46:42 pm

This Is An Interval Timer; Or, A Workout Must Flow

Wednesday • February 14th 2024 • 11:46:42 pm

A workout must be non-stop from start to end, exactly like jogging - you start in the beginning come to the and and stop.

A workout is not just about building muscle, above all it is about getting rid of unhealthy fat.

And about flexibility, and health, the muscles are a symptom, a consequence of great health.

Even if lifting heavy is some kind of a magical shortcut to building big muscle, which I don't think it is - I think it a myth.

Lifting heavy and big muscles alone, are nothing without big health, and a long life.

The thing about shortcuts, is that they lead to a quick end.

Therefore, to build muscle, is to first become healthy and athletic.

Muscles ensue, from a wise life.

But like joggers, at first, you won't be able to perform a full exercise.

You will have to stop and rest, and that rest period must be precisely measured.

So that each week it becomes shorter, and shorter, until it is eliminated.

You will be increasing your endurance, asking your body to adapt.

The simplest exercise that involves all your muscles, is dancing with dumbbells.

At first, you will only be able to walk back and forth, and then I recommend learning shuffle dance moves, or cutting shapes.

At first you will be able to perform the exercise, for less than 30 seconds.

And you may need to rest for two minutes, before you can again exercise for a full 30 seconds.

Sometimes that may mean, switching to a lighter dumbbell, your endurance will increase just the same.

The only reliable source of energy and mechanism, that will prevent you from stopping is dance trance.

A dance trance is entered by synchronizing your motion, to the beat of music, which is what we call dancing.

This dance trance demands that you eliminate all distractions, including looking at your watch.

This is why clip-on interval timers, have a vibrate function.

So that you can focus on music, and let the vibration on your belt tell you when to go and when to stop.

Interval training is the part of your training, where you eliminate rest.

So every week you extend workout duration, or shorten the rest period.

Or add more workout cycles, so that you work out longer and go from 15, or 30 minutes to a full hour or two.

That is what an interval timer is for, closing the rest gaps.

So that you can work-out through, your entire full body routine, non stop.

And then, then, you can start bodybuilding.

Temporary extend workout duration, to two or three hours to burn fat.

Or lift heavier to slower music, replacing dancing with flexing and turning, to put on muscle and gain strength.

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