The Far Future; And The Whole, Greater Than Its Parts
The Far Future; And The Whole, Greater Than Its Parts

Thursday • June 9th 2022 • 1:12:11 pm

The Far Future; And The Whole, Greater Than Its Parts

Thursday • June 9th 2022 • 1:12:11 pm

It is not differences that make people disagree,
it is what they know, what they internalized, what they inherited.

Currently we have decided, to respect those beliefs,
no matter what they are so as long as they don't cause immediate harm.

But looking at immediate impact of beliefs,
and waiting to deal with anomalies if any, maybe too simple at times of climate change, global health risks, and wars reemerging all too often.

It maybe the perfect food for liars and manipulators,
as they don't usually plan just one step ahead, as we seem to be doing.

For example, rather than just punishing crime and keeping people in cages,
we need to prevent people from fracturing from poverty and bad ideas, in the first place.

And we should accept the responsibility for those that we have failed,
and not keep them in cages, but grant them a safe place where they can grow and eventually make a successful return.

This is a very small example of the changes that we must make,
and I chose it because it both, demands wisdom, and shows what great restraint and eventually compassion our culture must rise to.

The way money integrates without world must change as well,
no more homelessness, no more hunger, no more poverty, we are better than this, none of us would support such things is asked.

And we have to fix schools, because electing the least of two wrongs, is madness,
any compromise between good and bad will only benefit the bad.

We have to learn to look far into the future, and examine consequences at great depth,
we have to anticipate, predict, and learn to prevent.

There is no other way to deal with war, or deal with climate,
we can't wait until war starts, we can't wait until it is too late to fix anything.

Try, fail, learn, and try again, is a stupid idea,
it is not a plan of action, is a plan of inaction that causes reemergence of mistakes.

There are many fairy tales we tell ourselves to accept reality,
and they "work", during the lifespan of that person, but that is a fool's achievement.

Let me repeat that, only a fool celebrates lack of incidents,
that occur on a different time scale.

War does not instantly happen,
it takes many decades to effectively and imperceptibly disable education and cripple culture with nationalism.

Climate change or deforestation won't happen in a singe life time,
darkly speaking, scarcely few register that trees turned to shrubs.

Viruses emerge on a scale, where we barely remember what it was like,
barely enough for people to refuse to wear masks to impede the spread during the worst of it.

We need to learn to think in centuries,
in multiple generation, not just lifetimes, or worst yet term limits.

We also need to look at the content of a person's character,
voting on someone based on gut feeling, or because the other person outs herself as to think in terms of super-predators.

The answer, to who do you vote for, when all candidates are bad,
is a stalemate.

And we arrived here, because we neither have a culture that values wisdom,
nor do we have a real educational system.

There are no worthy candidates, because election based systems,
demand a beautiful system of education.

Today, we allow students to be bullied, we allow teachers not to see it,
and then we allow those students to be held back a year, allowing those bullies to seemingly stain that person for life.

At best, we force students into obedience, by rewarding them for memorization,
and frightening them with punishment or homelessness.

A real school, would teach,
what we have today is a fake school, a dangerous idea.

When someone holds a different opinion, especially when that opinion is clearly wrong or unethical,
it simply means that they are a victim of a corroded culture.

Ineffective education is such that often times both sides are wrong,
and they will never agree, a wreched stalemate.

To truly capture all sides of all arguments,
one must assume that three is no side, no opinion to be had, until one is well educated, well read.

The world can't keep disagreeing, because climate change, health risks, and and nuclear war,
care little for borders.

It is a good feeling to hold an opinion, to feel passionately about something,
but it is a better feeling, when that opinion is based on love of wisdom.

Wisdom is powerfully human, all too human,
and our love for it is a sign of how noble and beautiful human beings truly are.

Look into your hear,
could you ever say "I hate wisdom" has such a phrase ever been uttered - it is because it is so deeply ours, so blindingly human.

Wisdom is our destination to converge on,
it is about all cultures in their most forward thinking looking to eventually converge on wisdom.

In other words, Humanity now requires a shift to a culture of Wisdom and Greatness,
so that do have candidates we can vote on, and so that they in their wisdom will protect education, and prevent repetitions of mistakes.

Wisdom, is both an operating system,
and, a direction towards which we can move with books.

By asking people to converge on wisdom first,
our differences will fade, eventually our culture will synchronize.

To build the content of character necessary,
for us all, to have a safe, and happy future, our greatest mistakes will need to be repaired.

A philosopher once said that a culture is judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable,
those who live in poverty, those made ill, and those kept in prisons.

We have a great deal of work on our hands, and the politicians who lied themselves into high positions,
are utterly incapable of comprehending what it all means.

The politicians are great at simple things, naps, war, prison,
retributionism, and re-elections to name a few.

Even if the new generation rose to become wise,
they would still be largely out-competed by lairs.

To kindle wisdom in enough people and help them to the necessary content of character,
requires multiple generations, a global cultural shift.

There was never going to be any one leader to move all the people,
it was always bout the people becoming the leaders they wish they had.

Until that cultural shift occurs,
and we begin taking care of all in need, and we have enough wisdom and foresight to permanently end poverty.

Take to wisdom, and make sure everyone around you loves wisdom too,
stand up for real education, begin speaking out against shortsightedness, stupidity, and injustice.

When pressured by madmen, get up and leave them to the world they want,
find a different state, a different culture, or a different country, so that you are safe.

So that you may teach all your hard earned wisdom,
so that it may outlive and outlast all the fools, their lies and shortcomings, and all the injustice in the world.

The one thing about liars, is that they are temporary, and if do earn a place in history, it will be as an example of disgrace,
you, build a castle in time, where no lie could eve hope to stain it.

The road ahead will take a very, very long time,
because we will neither fight the liars back, nor dance on the graves of the world's enemies.

We will simply outlast them by inspiring others to wisdom, counting their numbers down,
waiting for Great Wisdom and Foresight to lead the world.

Begin tonight, clear a shelf and begin your search for the worlds best writers and story tellers,
find narrated versions with fine narrators and make that the bed time story.

As you take to books, the books will grant you the power to narrate and write,
and your voice recordings will be a treasure to be enjoyed by the future generations.

Only, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Greatness,
can help the world leave its differences and mistakes in the past.

May all the cultures use wisdom,
to converge together towards peace and a safer and happier world for our entire Great Human Family.