Bodybuilding Explained
Bodybuilding Explained

Sunday • October 1st 2023 • 10:59:27 pm

Bodybuilding Explained

Sunday • October 1st 2023 • 10:59:27 pm

Bodybuilding is about two things, lifting weights with a plan in mind, and not stopping.

The first is the simplest thing in the world, you lift something heavy up, put it down, and do it again.

It is good if you have been obese all your life, as that means you already have a lot of the muscle.

It is good, if you use a cheap clip-on interval timer, to slowly increase exercise duration and while eliminating rest.

It is very good, if you synchronize with music, and wisely increase the beats per minute.

You will need to put your health first, quit jobs, eliminate toxicity and stress...

And anything between beer and overwork, between waiting for Wednesday's and wasting life.

Most importantly, gradually increase your endurance, to lift more, to lift longer, and advance faster.

The second problem, is a lot harder than lifting, because the thing that is making you stop, is not physical.

And it is really dumb, to say that it is all psychological - that is hardly scratching the surface even.

The problem goes so deep, that in a few seconds you should feel nothing short of rage.

The world never tried to help you grow up, to the contrary, it has been using you as a resource.

You've been strip mined for saving, earning, and all the loans you are tricked into taking out.

You've been made weak, you have been tricked into feeling small.

The books in school were all shit, and perhaps to kill a mockingbird was picked to rub your face in it.

Your grades were fake, it flew right over your head, but your grades were always the same, in all the classes.

No matter how hard you tried, because teachers copied them among each other.

In part, to keep you down, to keep you average, to prevent you from trying and sticking out.

You were convinced that the GPA, was the level of your intelligence.

And, all the while threatened to be held back, punished, ridiculed, or rejected by college and career.

You weren't even forced to become a worker, no one aimed to indoctrinate you into wage slavery.

Everyone just wanted to take as much and as quickly, as they could, from teachers, to politicians, and false leaders.

The reason why you have to stop when bodybuilding, is because the men who sold the world, broke you.

The moment you step into the gym, you screw yourself twice.

One, you start doing what everyone else is doing, and Two, you try not to stick out, as not to be laughed at, and bullied, or punished.

To begin bodybuilding for real, you will need a small rock.

Try to find one, near the place you hate the most.

Put it in your pocket, and head for Concord, Massachusetts.

Make your way towards the Walnden Pond, where Henry Thoreau's cabin used to be.

And find a quiet place to observe, Mount Katahdin, that is the beginning.

The top of Mount Katahdin marks, the Norther Terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

The first of the three great American Trails, known as the Triple Crown.

The trails are meant to make room in your mind, push back the toxicity, all the way, away.

You don't have a real education, it was taken away from you as well.

So, you are not to just cross the trails, but to cross them whilst listening to Narrated Books.

And don't you dare pay for them, accept no more insults, you are no longer, lost.

Find the books held in high esteem, by all the world's intellectuals.

You need the non-fiction, written by clear thinking great beings.

Because you are not just to inherit the wisdom within, but also the culture of great beings.

You are not less intelligent, that too was a lie.

You are just as brilliant as the great beings, it was just easier for everyone to keep you confused.

You took your brilliance away, and hid that to grow up...

Means to grow all the way up, until you become a great being.

Find your rock, and go shopping for your camping gear and books.

To begin bodybuilding, you need to rebuild your mind.

You need to take back what was stolen from you, cross the Appalachian Trail, The Pacific Cress Trail...

And then The Continental Divide, let the Great Beings teach you about the world.

You won't have a problem with stopping, after that.