How To Protect Your Mind From Standardized Education
How To Protect Your Mind From Standardized Education

Sunday • September 10th 2023 • 11:28:04 pm

How To Protect Your Mind From Standardized Education

Sunday • September 10th 2023 • 11:28:04 pm

Above all, if you are not going to be like everyone else, then you will become a magnet to all the bullies.

It does not matter, if you are young or old.

Bullies just want to destroy beautiful, the way beautiful was destroyed in them.

All they want, is for you, to start hurting them back.

The only way to fight a bully, is to call the police, get it on video, and keep calling them.

If your teachers are ignoring bullies, tell the principal, and also get it on video.

Upload all your interactions with teachers and staff, to the internet, where everyone can see it, keep backups.

Do not fight back, if your bully falls and hits their head, just the wrong way – the older you will always regret it.

A warrior takes down their enemies with a single strike, for that you need the most powerful weapon.

And that is creepy cops, and loser adults that will get fired, if they fail to help you.

I repeat, if you are not going to be like everyone else, you will stand alone against the world.

Please understand, that you are not “too young” to call the police.

Do not make the same mistake I did, I didn’t know I could call them, and my most powerful weapon had to became solitude.

Now, allow me to describe the problem you are facing.

Early on, the way we learn Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and if you are lucky Programming is fine, not perfect, but, fine.

But then the idiot adults, think they can ride the same process, for more abstract subjects.

They are just to arrogant, they thy don’t notice, all they know from their Biology “education”, is something about Mitochondria being a powerhouse.

See, adults don’t actually know they are uneducated, and the few who do, will just make crap up.

They will say your crappy school will teach you about socializing, and really find it useful, that school is a babysitter.

The fact, that school is for education, and that is not what you are getting, just flies right over their heads.

This is very similar to cult members being indoctrinated into some fantasy, or just people e infected by slugs from outer space – they can’t hear you.

More than that, you didn’t invent memorization, and you are not good at cramming.

Teachers will give you a passing grade, when they notice you are cramming.

They don’t care to actually teach you, they just want yo to pass the tests to make it look like they are teaching.

All those people who have made you feel shitty, worthless and stupid, mark your first meeting – with the men who sold the world.

You have been sold out, for comfy little paychecks.

When they say that their work is hard, and that you shouldn't memorize, they are just lying to cover their infantile asses.

And please don't drop out from school, you have to learn how to manipulate these ghouls back.

You have to learn how to wisely grow and rise, despite the liars, always trying to tear you down and use you.

The path of real education cannot be dictated, nor can it ever be standardized.

Your mind has unique requirements, only your own path, thought your most magnificent curiosities can decide what to learn.

And it is impossible to learn a subject directly, math is a good example.

Though you have to understand, that you are not actually learning math in math class, you are just learning how to operate the formulas, not how to invent them.

But even if math class was for real, you would still not be able to learn math, in a math class.

Just like you can’t learn to swim in a shower, or ride a bicycle by studying the wheel, or fix cars, by learning how to drive.

To learn math you need a real reason, such as creating screensavers, automatic web comics, self evolving bug animations, generative 3D jewelry, or other weird stuff.

You need a reason to say, oh snap!, I need the code version of orbital dynamics for my pixel art game.

Then if you lose your mind, or become so broke that all you own is a box of pencils, you can begin learning the paper version of mathematics, or the primitive notation.

Every tangent, or what you have been mistakenly taught to mistakenly call a subject, requires a massive context build up and area.

If you don’t have a reason to learn something, you have to learn whatever call to you some more.

And eventually, provided that that something is useful to you, you will make your way back, and comprehend it, as a function of solving something else.

This is called self directed education, you are the director, you are the captain what sets the course, and the course matter to you personally.

You need to gather lots of seemingly unrelated goodies along the way, to get to where you are really headed.

Standardized education, will rob you of this.

Teachers will trick you to temporary memorize for the tests. and push you out – uneducated, with but some vague impression of education.

Finally, here is how you get your real education, or put it correctly…

Here is how you make your way, towards the intellectual inheritance, that is owed to you.

You will need narrated books, books aren’t actually meant to be read from paper, the author is not chicken scratching to you, they are speaking to you – you need to hear them.

If you are lucky, most of the popular, secular, non-fiction, is free at the library.

But you should start with adventure books, always non-fiction, as there you are inheriting the real hard won wisdom.

Books about philosophy, and actual philosophical volumes, should be second, and third – as they hold a massive upgrade to your mind.

The pop books written by popular talking heads, tend to be fake, penned by a team of ghost writers.

They usually want to make you feel warm about your ego, and vote for whoever paid for their shitshow – you can skip those books.

Bestseller lists are also fake, it is an amazing business, people pay a publisher for putting a book on their list, the ones that pay more, get on the list sooner.

Be careful, because AI will be masquerading as human beings, again, just so that the puppeteers fulfill the promises they made to their clients.

So always aim for the life changing books, that are held in high esteem by all the world's clear thinking intellectuals.

When you are old enough, take to the trails to make more room in your head, The Appalachian Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail, and The Continental Divide.

Your intellectual inheritance, in the shape of works of great beings, will ensure that you will inherit their culture…

and fully understand that to grow up means to grow all the way up, until you become a great being – for one; schools can’t fix themselves.