La Liberté Éclairant Le Monde: From Generation To Generation, or Recognizing Indoctrination
La Liberté Éclairant Le Monde: From Generation To Generation, or Recognizing Indoctrination

Sunday • October 3rd 2021 • 11:10:39 am

La Liberté Éclairant Le Monde: From Generation To Generation, or Recognizing Indoctrination

Sunday • October 3rd 2021 • 11:10:39 am

(La Liberté Éclairant Le Monde is French for Liberty Enlightening the World)

It is unclear if parents understand the way children do,
it may not be the blight of indoctrination alone that holds us back.

It maybe that children are so much smarter,
and parents so burdened with poverty and confusion, that everything is lost in translation.

Parents know schools are broken, they know their grades were fake,
and yet, in their slumber, they send their children towards the same things.

The children eventually let go of their intelligence, brilliance, and genius,
because they can see it interferes with grades, and may even cause dread (TRIGGER WARNING).

Every child is a genius, even if that wasn't true - which it is,
there are infinite ways to get at science or music composition, and leadership, or entrepreneurship.

We are extremely adaptive,
we are not rocks thrown into water.

But, if we are taught that reality is something other than it really is,
then the sacred space in which we do our decision making is - violated, and we become hijacked, and it becomes unstable.

I always had trouble understanding how someone can cause harm, or commit a crime,
and I came to conclude that a criminal pulls the trigger for the same reason that soldiers around the world do.

Their view of reality is often permanently warped,
and they are under some pressure, and influence.

It could be influence of alcohol or worse,
but also it can be the influence of being court marshaled or even yelled at by someone in control of their existence.

I immediately realized that criminals are indoctrinated into crime,
this religion of crime, is not exactly emergent, it does not exactly come out of nowhere.

It comes out of poverty, from having parents who drink or do drugs because they can't make their way out of their poverty,
and then the threat of the neighborhood bullies, which often, as far as survival goes, means both gangs and the police.

All those scary individuals that most people agree to keep in cages,
are actually just children who had their minds poisoned.

I wouldn't say that it is a permanent poisoning,
I feel that psychologists know this.

And they also know that by keeping people in cages,
we make them worse.

And I know, that we make ourselves worse for it,
a criminal belongs in a Medical Institution specifically built to undo the damage caused by indoctrination.

Prisons poison the minds of criminals further,
what they need is understanding, support, hope, future, - you know real justice.

More than that, once they are placed into institutions that aren't sick torture,
they may not wish to return to be among the people that did this to them.

Because they will see us ab being indoctrinated into a culture of Retribution and Torture,
the criminals that recover, will see the people who were once OK with torturing them as very sick in deed.

I was always confused about how people can run around with guns, rob apartments, steel cars,
I understand what is wrong with them.

Their minds have been hijacked,
they are just victims of indoctrination into the culture of crime.

Crime is a particularly potent example of the power of indoctrination,
which frequently can be explained as "Acting against themselves".

But indoctrination is everywhere,
meaning that people are doing things that they think are meaningful, but actually they are just hurting themselves or the world.

Take the other end of the crime spectrum, a cop planting evidence on a known criminal that should be in jail,
the cop was brought up in a culture of putting criminals in cages, the criminal was brought up in a culture of crime.

They are both wrong, they are both just little spinning tops wound up by their indoctrination,
in very desperate need of psychological help, but round and round they go.

In a more advanced civilization, all the parties involved here and their families would be relocated,
given a bright new start at life, and over and over again, until they became free of their psychological indoctrination.

Their new lives would include expensive housing, free money from an Advanced Universal Income program,
and room to take to education, and eventually helping others out of their indoctrination.

See a primitive civilization punishes,
an advanced civilization looks to prevention and therapy - we have a lot of work to do.

Punishing the police officer would only destabilize them further,
and punishing those boys, who already have a stressful and desperate life, suffering addiction, debt, poverty, violence, will certainly make things worse.

There is no solution at the level our civilization is currently operating at,
the poor boys are suffering the same condition that otherwise reasonable men from Afghanistan who-dont-want-women-in-school are suffering from.

Their reality is warped, but they are fighting, tooth and nail, like the Great Warriors we all are,
except that the warping of their reality is making them hurt themselves.

Often self harm becomes apparent, far too late, when one of those boys becomes a father,
and watches their son become like they are...

Except now the father gained a grasp on the invisible prison of cultural and psychological indoctrination he was born into,
and is now crying that he does not want his son to be like him.

See, once indoctrination is removed, bullies and thugs,
will slowly being self repair.

Their past life does not stand, in their way towards greatness,
we stand in their way.

By sentencing a person stricken by indoctrination into years in prison,
we only make things worse, we hurt them further.

I believe it was The Great Michelle Alexander that described a Judge crying,
for tearing a family apart, because the father did not break out of his indoctrination fast enough, and ended up being sentenced to prison.

We must ask, how can we help these men out of their indoctrination sooner,
and eventually we will find that indoctrination is best prevented.

One of the major components of Prevention,
is ending poverty, granting the entire family Access to Free Money, and Advanced Universal Income.

No sum in particular,
just a respectful and very generous daily spending limit.

This will go a long way, but the process of un-indoctrination,
is brittle, requires decades of therapy and re-education.

While prevention comes with a clear guarantee,
a person already hurt by long therm indoctrination, requires special treatment, preferential treatment.

It is our misuse of the idea of money, and tolerance of the sick punishment of prisons,
that fractures people, that induces the emergence of broken cultures, and repeatedly indoctrinates participants.

At this stage of the development of our civilization,
Recognition of Indoctrination is the next step.

Once people being recognizing indoctrination,
once they begin seeing its incredible and negative effects on people.

It will become clear,
that changes are required.

The first step, that you can take as a Politician, Teacher, or Parent, or Leader, or best yet Writer and Narrator,
is simply to explain to children why people do bad things:

They do bad things because the world they think they know is not real,
so even though all they are trying to do is good things, like putting food on their table, or keeping their family of neighborhood safe.

Those things are transformed by the thick layer of the fake reality that is poisoning and suffocating and crushing them,
and what looks to them like the right things to do inside their poisoned world, is actually a very bad thing out in our world.

Here is an opportunity to explain the urgency of real education:
so that we don't end up being poisoned and suffocated, and crushed by warped reality.

We MUST! caution the children about fake or ineffective education,
as invisible prison walls are extremely hard to see.

We have to teach the children to get up at the end of class and say:
"Hey Ms. Shmumps, but I didn't learn anything in your class today".

We have to teach them to recognize fake education,
and we know what that is like: as many of us graduated without anything to show for it, certainty nothing we couldn't learn on our own in a fraction of the time.

Indoctrination is everywhere, most of us were a victim once,
be it religions or fake schools, or paid colleges, or military service, or being forced to cleaning gas station toilets as a teenager to make some money.

You are ABSOLUTELY not allowed to work jobs like that,
if it was their idea tell your parents to do it - you study Art, Music Compositions or Industrial Design, focus on your Portfolio.

You are meant to become a Great Being,
you are always meant to grow up for better, never for the same or worse.

Indoctrination is both (self) emergent such as we find in high crime neighborhoods,
and it is designed such as we find in cults, religions and churches.

The pattern is hard to see as it is stretched across life,
and it always benefits you a little and it takes a lot in the end.

Examples are many,
Fraudulent churches around the world.

Supreme Court rulings protecting parents' right to religion,
whilst sacrificing their children's right to reality.

How can we silently tolerate organizations that speak out against reason and fact,
to substitute reality with a drugged up version where the good stuff happens after death.

The Supreme Court rulings must consider multi-generational impact,
the rulings must be made in context of hundreds of years, not in context of browny points.

To be clear, let the adults have their fantasy lifestyles if that is what they want,
but don't let them warp the minds of the children by presenting a false reality - and what a truly evil deed that is.

Moreover, we have ask ourselves if we want leadership,
who is not of the mindset that is based on reality.

It makes perfect sense for a religious person,
to think that a religious father can remove a child from eight grade to teach them more about religion.

But a well educated person, who is invested in fact, data, science, evidence,
will perceive indoctrinating children into religions as abuse.

The blight of poverty that we drowned the world in,
by failing to make money work for us and making it work against us instead, is another kind of emergent indoctrination.

The modern cultures finally figured out that we are all born equal,
and yet we still force children into the poverty of their parents.

That is not what equal means, equality means that at birth a child is given enough money,
to afford effective tutors that truly teach Knowledge and Wisdom, enough money to own a home, dream about family, and never fear hunger.

Do. you. not. understand that when you threaten children with military or poverty or some dumb ass idea of hell,
they give up their genius - how do you not see that?

Fake education where teachers feed on paychecks like vampires,
just to push children to schools that charge even more once they are old enough to work.

How can sustaining ineffective education until something is done to fix it,
be presented as a justification for propagation of fake schooling.

The tolerance of Recruiting soldiers with action-movie like commercials and the promise of free education,
among the groups of kids who have not lived long enough to coalesce their knowledge into wisdom is another form of indoctrination.

Military recruitment to oil machinery of war with minds and bodies,
is what real schools and cultures of wisdom were supposed to help us rise from.

A military that takes no interest in helping the world rise out of dark ages,
is a military that is not interested in peace.

Wars cannot be won by waging more wars,
not can nations be pacified with propaganda, indoctrination, and fantasies.

Only wisdom can bring World Peace,
only education that truly works, equality that is actually meaningful in context of entire lives.

Know that Narrated Books about real lives and real wisdom of beings who made a positive and lasting impact on the modern world,
are a good source of wisdom.

Use the Library, try not to let people make money from the misfortune of fake education,
but hurry find your way to thousands of meaningful books, as that is the education that has been denied to us all.


Learn to recognize Indoctrination,
use the idea of indoctrination as a tool to understand broken and often unfixable things.

Know, that preventing of fracturing is the noblest way,
our civilization must embrace prevention as the most humane way to end mistakes.

And above all, break out of whatever invisible walls maybe surrounding you,
use it as a key, to set yourself and the world free.

You are meant to become,
a Great Being.