The Bodybuilder
The Bodybuilder

Wednesday • October 9th 2019 • 12:40:45 am

The Bodybuilder

Wednesday • October 9th 2019 • 12:40:45 am


Bodybuilding is a side-effect of something more. Like Confidence, or
Happiness, or Success, it will ensue from pursuit of things that seem just
out of your reach.

The Big Three

The workout consists of three complementary exercises arranged in a way
that I don’t have to stop.

  1. Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  2. Standing Dumbbell Curls
  3. Overhead Shoulder Press

Combined with dancing, which in this context is a form of stretching that
doubles as a cardio workout.

Good examples of fine workout songs are Blade’s Blood Rave for fast
cardio and Blanco Brown’s The Git Up for rest and some stretching.

I find it really helpful to add sugar to my workout water, but I am sure
candy works just as well. Sweetened water (sometimes V8 tomato juice) and
good music are the two things that I find most helpful during my routine.

In weight lifting there maybe difficult discomfort 5 – 10 lifts into some
routine, then you switch to some other exercise (for example from [Standing
Dumbbell Curls]( to Overhead Shoulder Press where your biceps rest
while you perform the shoulder press), you never sit, you never lie, you
use both arms, both legs, you don’t stop to rest. If you need to stop
then your weights are too heavy
, and your workout is not working out.

Start in the beginning, come to the end, and then stop. Start with 3.5lb
per hand, even if out of humility, even if just to remind yourself that you
always start in the beginning, and you always finish what you start.

Dress for Confidence and Joy

Hit Every Beat

There is no struggle because of music, the parts of your brain that are
telling you to stop are weak. They are weaker than the beat of drums, they
are weaker than a pretty song.

Workout to the beats of songs, here is a player I eventually settled on:
Professional MP3 HIFI Music Player it costs US $24.80 it is OK, I
think. It does not seem Professional, I think it is just because phones are
really good these days.

The Music Player

The Music Player

Distraction free with easy to push control buttons and large accessible
volume knob.

Interval Timers

If you need precision use this tool to get a BPM on a song to make a
playlist, and if you are still having difficulty with non-stop exercise
despite a chain of slow songs, then use a computer to keep track of your
rests. I used an Interval Timer from

Keep lowering that rest period until no rest is needed in your routine.

The Timer

The Timer

Interval timer will vibrate on start and stop of both exercise and rest. It
will count down the number of exercise-rest sequences. By gradually
lowering rest period and increasing exercise-rest sequences you will easily
increase your endurance.

Avoid Counting

Your body will trick you into stopping too early if you rely on counting.
Interval Timers remove the distraction of constantly asking "Is it enough",
and help you switch to "I will make it to the end".

Use the beat of songs to further distract yourself from quitting. You will
not gain endurance if you stop when your body begins hurting, you have to
signal your body that is has to adapt because there is no stopping.

Remember, you must signal your body that adaptation to exertion is
required. You must not allow your body to force you to stop as that will
void the exercise and your body will not receive any adaptation signals.

No adaptation signals, no change to your strength and endurance.

Back Pain

Significant Injuries are more likely if you lift heavy. If you lift heavy a
few times, your muscles will not be in a flexible enough state to handle
it. Eventually you will pull a muscle, hurt yourself. If you lift 5lb
10,000 times, the chances of getting hurt are much lower. Back pain is
still likely to occur, you will need a proper bed, I use the inexpensive

The Bed

The Bed

Raising your legs, raising your upper body, curving your spine will let
your body rest. A flat mattress will attempt to straighten the natural
curve to your lower back, in combination with lifting weights for prolonged
periods, this is a recipe for disaster. You must let your back-muscles


While our cooling is superior, we do lose electrolytes while we sweat, you
need to put them back in. V8 vegetable juice which contains both sodium and
potassium is one way to do so, but always with wisdom and in moderation.

No Rest

Finally we arrive to the point where I explain why you can’t take days off.
Think of your body as a good horse to your mind. Take two horses with
muscle atrophy, one walks ten steps three times, every other day weekends
off, the other trots for eight and half hours every day for many years, no
day off. Which horse would you bet on, which horse would have more muscle,
which horse would live healthier?


I change my playlist daily, here are some examples.

Electro Bounce

Boosted Bootleg

Bass Boost

HIIT Songs

Bubblegum Pop

Dance Pop


Hard Bass

Choreography (choreographers tend to pick amazing songs).

Labrinth - Mount Everest - Choreography by Erica Klein

Jain - Makeba

Jain - Come

Vocal Ideas

Perhaps some of you may find working out with vocals easier, if so then the
Backyard Sessions come to mind.

Lilac Wine


Meowmix vol. 1,627

Blanco Brown: The Git Up

Taylor Swift: Shake It Off

Psy: Gangnam Style

Davay: Tri Poloski

XS Project: Bochka Bass Kolbaser

Lil Nas X: Old Town Road

Pitbull: Timber

Ciara: 1 2 Step

Lorde: Royals

Fort Minor: Remember The Name

Imagine Dragons: Believer

Macklemore: Can’t Hold Us

Billie Eilish: Bad Guy

Kesha: Blow

Beyonce: Single Ladies

Cascada: Evacuate The Dancefloor

Blade: Blade 1 Vampire Dance Club Theme

Smile: Butterfly

Infernal: From Paris To Berlin

XS Project: Expressway

Charlie Puth: Betty Boop

Caravan Palace: Wonderland

Valentino Khan: Pump

LMFAO: Sexy and I Know It

Power of Now

Of Focus and Trance

The staying in the moment that he describes can be induced with a fun and snappy playlist, where non-stop endurance bodybuilding is concerned.
Ultra-marathons are different from endurance workouts, they take longer and you certainly don’t want to depend on your mp3 player to finish.
At the same time ultra-marathons have relative silence and it is easier to focus in the middle of an interesting run.

Trainer Song

I also created an Open Source (Free) workout instruction drum song, the mp3
files are available here: