A Tiny Business Tutorial: Considering Artists And Builders Of Art Communities
A Tiny Business Tutorial: Considering Artists And Builders Of Art Communities

Thursday • March 10th 2022 • 5:28:48 pm

A Tiny Business Tutorial: Considering Artists And Builders Of Art Communities

Thursday • March 10th 2022 • 5:28:48 pm

The world needs a platform,
where people can request portraits.

To get things moving a user uploads an image and sets a budget,
then artists compete to win.

And of course each artist has a store,
where users can request paintings.

The competition,
is a way to get people interested, curious, and moving, and maybe stressing a bit.

And store pages,
is where artists quietly make money.

I think it is fair to say,
that this is a small visual website where we can allow images speak for them selves.

This could also mean that informative icons would dominate text,
and make the UI less cluttered for international users.

The UI should be simple,
and text comments should rule over complex user interfaces.

To make things look good,
let us encourage square artworks.

Everything will always align,
and we can use square tiles everywhere.

Artists and Users each have a homepage,
almost like a dashboard.

When user logs in, they will see a list of the photos they uploaded,
along with progress images when the artworks are being worked on.

Once a user pays, an artist will upload the big version of the file,
and then a download button will show up on the user's dashboard.

When the artist logs in,
they will see art requests, which consist of two things, a neatly cropped square photo request, and a budget.

Here the artist can request a better photo,
or say the budget is too small and decline the request.

Mostly they will upload progress images,
this will show the customers they are loved and appreciated.

There are some bonus features that can be explored,
including a monthly subscription to a gold plan.

But it is better to wait,
and see what features users a willing to pay for.

Finally, there is an area here for investors,
and business owners.

These are the folks,
who are interested in building artist communities.

They bring a .com domain name to this system,
and build out the home page.

So this system can have multiple home pages,
though it starts with one and grows slowly.

The key feature of the investor or partner back-end,
is tools for on-boarding artists and customers, along with some useful statistics.

Here the artist community owner can install a private business tool,
that will help with efficiently contacting artists to mutual benefit.

Depending on the business configuration,
this can be for the purpose of asking for permission to post their art, or offering a sign-up bonuses.

We can all agree that this is a very nice website for artists,
And artists seeking work would benefit from at least knowing about it.

Businesses like this grow,
by reaching out to artists and getting them to sign up.

If it is done honestly,
respectfully and without annoying them.

It is called good business,
that benefits both the investors and the artists - and even the entire art community as a whole.

Don't just settle on a good idea,
look up and ask about store owners, and do it again and ask about community builders, ask about investors, always keep thinking up.

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