Rise And Protect Knowledge
Rise And Protect Knowledge

Tuesday • July 19th 2022 • 5:43:43 pm

Rise And Protect Knowledge

Tuesday • July 19th 2022 • 5:43:43 pm

You can't just learn one thing,
that's impossible.

Not only is everything connected,
you will connect it in a unique way.

People say that Newton,
had this powerful learning method.

he didn't.

It looked difficult and powerful to strangers,
but in his mind...

He wasn't even merely following his curiosities,
he was just having fun.

Real education,
is about having fun.

In fact,
jack of all trades and a master of none.

Is an uneducated and jealous person's description,
of someone who is spiraling upwards in self education.

I think it is true for all that,
that nobody sticks with a subject for long.

Because some weeks into it,
they will begin missing some other talent.

For example a person programming may miss art,
and a painter may miss composing music after a while.

There comes a point is ready to switch,
and they do, and they continue having fun.

T o someone shallow that will seem like failure,
but it is actually like a growth spur.

When a self educated person switches subject,
they don't just resume where they left off.

They approach the subject they were longing for,
on a whole new level.

You can see how different this is,
from standardized schools.

Standardized education,
is an uneducated person's idea of education.

They send you through steps,
and you come out smarter.

The truth is you were smarter all along,
but they just wasted years of your life.

In most cases,
they tricked people out of real education.

The students that graduate with more knowledge,
know more, not because they received an education.

But because they allowed the teachers,
to force them into learning.

For praise, good grades,
promise of some career.

But it was the worst kind of learning,
out of sequence, all cut up, and void of joy.

Standardized education is like telling an artist,
when to paint, what to paint, and when to finish.

And under the threat of prison, and ridicule,
of being held back one year, and permanently marked as delayed.

Teachers pretending to teach to get paychecks, and Students pretending to learn by memorizing to get out of there,
and because education is what separates us from cavemen, or war and slavery.

Fake or ineffective education is as dangerous as ignoring climate change,
or watching population grow by 7 billion in the span of a single lifetime.

But let's set dark imaginings aside,
you are as brilliant and as capable as any genius.

Above all you are a Citizen Of The World,
and you belong to no nation, or cult.

Go to the library, find your first audio book... if you haven't already,
maybe Bill Bryson, or Randall Munroe, Carl Sagan or Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Begin your upward cycle of self education,
and go all the way up - until you become a great being.