Full Of Stars
Full Of Stars

Thursday • November 4th 2021 • 9:26:20 pm

Full Of Stars

Thursday • November 4th 2021 • 9:26:20 pm

Poetically speaking our minds are full of stars,
the stars represent things that hold some kind if a meaning for us.

Unique curiosities that we each have,
are just that kind of thing, a star.

There will be some gravity around it,
and we will be gently pulled towards it.

Neat examples of curiosities are:
computers, real mathematics, 3D modeling, and music composition.

From time to time stars will connect,
creating a greater constellation of knowledge.

The connections are never feeble,
they are thick with ideas, lessons, thoughts.

One time I was looking over Dubstep,
which is very difficult to dance to.

And I saw skrillex using a grid of buttons to control music,
and while I misunderstood what he was doing.

I understood how music can be made with a grid of on/off switches,
by remembering how player pianos used paper with holes to make music.

I created a test program I named cylinder,
and it sure made some noise.

The device that skrillex was using,
is called a launchpad.

And what it does is play music clips,
that are perfectly synchronized together.

It is probably just a customized computer keyboard,
designed for the software skrillex is using.

You can see a software version,
on the front pafe of the Learning Music Tutorial at abelton.

But what I grasped in that moment,
was a different device called a Beat Sequencer

Visit Music Lab on Chrome Experiemnts and click on,
Song Maker to see one in action.

I downloaded LMMS,
and started poking at the Bassline Editor.

And I continue making silly songs, I made one just a couple of days ago,
there are no rules you just make noise.

I started with a music star,
a curiosity about music composition.

And for a long time it just sat there twinkling,
until I wanted to see why everyone hated dubstep.

And noticed that clip launchpad,
I made a connection from curiosity about music composition.

To how a piece of software could function like a player piano,
and later, I started using lmms.

This connection connects two of my stars,
curiosity about music, and interest in computers.

Another connection I made, started with me looking at a program called Blender,
which promised to teach 3D modeling with a doughnut tutorial

Once I saw how easy it was I started modeling 3D objects,
for 3D printing, mastering that in the process.

I begun learning about Jewelry making which is not very difficult,
but then discovered I can make screws that work like the real thing.

I became completely enchanted,
by the ability to make extremely complex things with the use of screws.

I had to stop and think about something else,
which became Vector Mathematics and train hopping.

Anyhow, the two stars connecting together,
in my constellation of art...

Is 3D printing and 3D modeling,
I think this is the most beautiful connection.

As it allows me to create real world objects,
from my imagination.

Not everything requires computers,
but computers are like a microscope that helps you get into things.

If programming is one of your stars, perhaps it is time,
to slowly go over a JavaScript video tutorial.

Outside of computers, I connected Projectors to Canvas,
which allowed me to stop worrying about proportions and just focus on color.

While painting is my favorite thing,
I also like sculpting with air dry clay.

I understood a bit about sculpture by visiting an Auguste Rodin exhibit at the DIA,
it is hard to describe correctly.

But to show a delicate touch, you sculpt a lady's hand arched back,
to show hard working hands, make them bigger, thicker, powerful.

Whatever the constellation, there are always plenty of stars,
so as long as they are your own you can't go wrong.

Be mindful and cautious when schools or parents push you into careers with dark skies,
but if you ever find your self lost, take to the trails.

Grand trails like the Appalachian Trail of the East, or the Pacific Crest Trail of the West,
they will help you find your way back under the starry skies.