The Question Of Freedom Of Will Is About Real Education
The Question Of Freedom Of Will Is About Real Education

Wednesday • October 4th 2023 • 11:36:41 pm

The Question Of Freedom Of Will Is About Real Education

Wednesday • October 4th 2023 • 11:36:41 pm

It is important to note, that asking about clarity of thought, also shows us that schools are failing us, that they need repair.

It may just be, that standardizing education, was a terrible mistake, because we each have a unique constellation of curiosities.

We can only really learn in our own sequence, and at our own pace, we can only learn from where our own personal quest for answers takes us.

To learn for real, we need context that is personally meaningful to us.

And in the human uniqueness, every person has their own quest.

Each person, must address their own constellation of curiosities,

The larger steps are, exiting indoctrination, and making our way towards knowledge, and wisdom, and a culture of greatness.

Here at at each step, we converge closer and closer on the heart of the matter.

Becoming more and more equipped, to choose, in wisdom, in dignity…

And in such a way, that it will make our wiser elder self, appreciate their journey.

At the end of all the steps, the Human super-culture reveals it self.

A culture that non only contains all other cultures, but it encourages them to keep only the good ideas.

The human super-culture, is the culture of world wide greatness.

Kindled by knowledge, brought to fruition by wisdom, and visions of a peaceful future.

It is hard to imagine the super-culture, without making our way through the initial stages.

It is actually just growing up, growing all the way up, until we become great beings, that helps us see humanity converging.

Growing up, provides us with functional wisdom, it makes us more intellectually capable.

More brilliant, more perceptive, more elegant in our inventions and discoveries.

And in the very end, helps us leave a clear and meaningful legacy, that others may wish to, begin their life from.

The pursuit of Knowledge and Wisdom, is an instinct.

We will search for it, we will quest for it, we’ll eventually make our way to the Library…

And let out minds, feast on all the Narrated Books.

Especially those written by clear thinking intellectuals, as those help us the most, though our journeys through life.

Therefore, the question of freedom of will, is about making our way up above the common levels of life, to see better.

The more knowledgeable we are about the world, the better is our decision making.

Freedom of will, without having inherited much wisdom, from great and clear thinking beings, will always remain a challenge.

For all the students, please know that...

Education that does not front our most powerful and clear headed books, written by authors held in high esteem by all the wolds intellectuals…

Will remain ineffective, asking questions of freedom of will, that in its inauthenticity, it actually prevented any meaningful answer to.

There is a large intellectual inheritance that every student must accept, to see more clearly – it is found at the library, in the shape of narrated books.

Do not let teachers sell your mind out for paychecks, find all the books that enhance your mind, and help you avoid all the trickery.

And take to a better start in life, that has wiser, greater and clearer views of what it really means to grow all the way up.

Do not let schools trick you, out of real education.