From Computer Programming To World Peace
From Computer Programming To World Peace

Wednesday • November 23rd 2022 • 9:20:08 pm

From Computer Programming To World Peace

Wednesday • November 23rd 2022 • 9:20:08 pm

The big picture is, that poverty must end for all human beings everywhere, that can be properly accomplished with a universal income card.

At the same time, we need real schools, schools that provide real results.

Today, schools just threaten students with shame, punishment, and poverty, into pretending t learn.

There are other very dangerous issues, but Humanity can’t approach any of them in any meaningful way…

While the world is held hostage by poverty, poverty rooted, in misunderstanding of human condition and the concept of money.

We can’t hope for the world to wake up, and understand the important of eliminating poverty and creating real schools.

But there is always an alternative path, it only comes at the cost of time.

It will take much longer to side-load reals schools and end-of-poverty, then if Humanity tried to solve it head on.

But it won’t try, we don’t have the schools necessary for the world, to see it self.

Of all the subjects and sciences, computer programming is the most approachable.

Searching JavaScript tutorials reveals countless tutors, from text in formats ranging from FAQ’s to Program Cookbooks, all the way out to videos.

Moreover , the products that a programmer can create, do not require a warehouse, an office, or rent.

And even beyond that, one of the most powerful products, is a well managed digital goods store, where others sell and support their products.

That is just one program, that calls for, protecting users from fraud, connecting them to product creators, and helping them file bugs.

Until there exists a Universal International Income Card, automatically adjusted to protect committees from poverty and inflation…

Programming, is a way, for friends to come together, and lift themselves out of poverty as a group of co-founders and creators.

In the process of learning programming, by means of self education...

in a sequence that matches their existing knowledge… and at a time and pace that suits them best.

They will gain the ability to detect, irrelevant, fake and invective, education.

Programming, grants them the ability to be able to afford, to build real schools, and thus, lift entire communities out of poverty.

Programming emerges the initial real-school builders, the communities that drive educational change across the world.

It is the initial seed, for Humanity to rid it self of its greatest mistakes.