Learning Is Great
Learning Is Great

Monday • June 14th 2021 • 8:18:21 pm

Learning Is Great

Monday • June 14th 2021 • 8:18:21 pm

We were taught to use plain old math,

or the teachers would show us their wrath.

They taught us to calculate,

but we need to simulate.

I am so excited about my LED light,

it is glowing strong and bright.

But I am deeply saddened about school,

because what they did to us was really uncool.

Bad teachers fail to teach,

and suck paychecks like a leech.

They didn't care about the projects,

they wanted paychecks.

And we got too scared,

never noticed, they never cared.

Here lies a lesson we must not forget,

nothing can be taught by means of threat.

Everything we learned was taught wrong,

and we sat there memorizing all day long.

Forget about regular school,

it is just a broken tool.

We need to re-start in a real school,

we can't let them rob us into a fool.

We can still take all they stole,

by taking back the control.

We need to make things right,

and rekindle our own light.

Am I wrong,

to think we were ^adventurers^ all along?

I don't think so,

and I think that's where we need to go.

Except this is no usual quest,

nor will it end with a test.

We can start with what we love best,

and in a place where we can rest.

And then without anybody telling us what to learn,

to our favorite curiosities we can turn.

Plus, the older we grow,

the more we ^already^ know.

Learning is great,

and it is never too late.