Look Beyond, And Learn, And Rise
Look Beyond, And Learn, And Rise

Monday • March 25th 2024 • 12:15:45 am

Look Beyond, And Learn, And Rise

Monday • March 25th 2024 • 12:15:45 am

Standardized education interferes with real education, because to learn something for real it has to call to you.

You have to follow your private personal curiosities, and they won’t just touch upon what is attempted to to be taught in school.

But cross cross everything countless many times, sometimes in a shallow fashion, sometimes deeply, but always returning.

Astrology and UFOs, will take you towards Astronomy and Astrophysics, you just have to keep pursuing whatever is personally relevant.

It is very important that you listen to narrated books, written by clear thinking great beings, of world’s true intellectual leaders.

Because it will be them and their culture, that will help you from the woo woo world, towards fact based ideas.

Fantasy stuff, is bad, but, not too terrible, it actually the beginning, it is where our minds begun, but it is most definitely level zero.

And you don’t want to dwell down there, you need great beings and their culture to hoist you up.

Level zero is so far behind, that there is not enough life in us, to inventory and understand everything and end up on the level of real leaders.

Everyone gets their stuff from books, that is where you find the lifetimes that you would have to live to understand it all.

Books help you take the wisdom, and culture, without all the discovery, and the combination of books is yours to pick, so you will create new knowledge.

In Demon Haunted World, Carl Sagan flat out states, that science, or maybe even speculative astrobiology, is just more interesting than UFOs.

Same goes for Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Adventure, being more interesting than collecting overpriced Crystals and blaming Planets.

Not just more interesting, but more fun, Seth Shostak entertains us with the idea, that aliens won’t have tentacles, because they need to hold that soldering iron to make a radio.

It is a legitimate speculative though, training, exercise, improving imagination, but you have to approach it as a guess, not a gut felling, or a gut fact.

Whatever of the simpler things calls to you, you use books and the culture you inherit from within, to hoist yourself up.

There is nothing easier than making up little adventures, and then listening to interesting books that nerds adore.

But you must always move up, you can’t study astrology to master it, you must aim to what came after astrology and alchemy.

You must grow, grow up, all the way up, until you become a great being, as great and classy as all the modern intellectuals.

Tricksters, liars, manipulators, parasites, know very well that it takes a fool, they will sell you Tarot Cards, and you must resist that…

And borrow Science Popularizer books, because they are both talking about you, and hope to talk to you.

Great and clear thinking authors, adore you, they see you as all the hope and dreams the world has, they call to you.

Tickers on the other hand, will walk up to fat or skinny person at the gym, and say that person is on these drugs, do you wan to be like them?

But that is not true, they aren’t on drugs, you are just being tricked by a monster, a demon.

In what is at our earliest, a demon haunted world.

You will find tricksters at every level, including fake intellectuals, who will speak eloquently 90% of the time.

And then spend the rest 10%, trying to take dump, in the middle of your living room – they are pretenders.

There are many books like that, many worthless half baked works, you must look for the ones written by clear thinking great beings.

And especially those who are celebrated by all the worlds intellectuals, people who value fact over opinion or fantasy, or a dump.

Real education is infinite, fake education, ends with overwork, and some scammer making you give them you change for some imaginary creature.

Reality has no end, it will encourage you towards clarity and greatness, towards growing all the way us until you too become a great being with wisdom to share.

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