Super Nintendent Meow
Super Nintendent Meow

Tuesday • June 8th 2021 • 5:14:09 pm

Super Nintendent Meow

Tuesday • June 8th 2021 • 5:14:09 pm

Neither this, nor that,

here is an idea I've been working at.

You have to follow the three steps exactly as I explain,

or the whole thing will be in vain.

One, create a fun computer game,

that will earn you some fame.

Two, create an editor and an automator,

that will help your player become a creator.

Three, create a marketplace and set the player free,

from their poverty.

These are not easy steps top follow,

and the final step maybe hard to swallow.

But if you give me a moment, and wait,

I will explain to you what you will create.

It is a school, that teaches abstract thinking,

that helps the student learn without their account shrinking.

This is a game, that uses an abstract language to communicate,

it speaks to the entire world and will erase any and all hate.

It is actually meant to help Humanity grow,

and it is the biggest idea since the radio.

It is a school, a factory, and a marketplace,

one that will never run out of space.

Make the first implementation,

about audio book creation and or narration.

The second should be about music creation,

and include automatic song mutation.

The third implementation can be about 3D sculpture and jeweler creation,

and should also have a button for automatic permutation.

I leave all the other implementations to you,

as I know it will lead you to a great breakthrough.

Don't forget, this is not just a game, editor, and a store,

this is about the World Peace that all the children are asking for.

Just to be sure you hit all the steps and make the program free, one more time, repeat after me,

one, two, and three.